The land-eating Russian Dragon Make no mistake about it unless something profound happens; the Ukraine shall eventually be defeated by Russia...unfortunately.


There are some aspects of the Russian psyche that have endured for centuries; the propensity to acquire territories is engraved in their genetic make-up! They couldn't help it despite themselves and would do anything never to lose face! Despite the progress of civilization in the modern world, there are certain aspects of the Russian culture that date back 400yrs which they couldn't let go. These cultural propensities shape their national life, their foreign policies, and their relationships with other countries!
Russia has fought wars against numerous countries in the past 200yrs, and almost all these wars had to do with territories!
And not much has changed in the past 300yrs or so.
Russia and the Swedish Empire (1708)
What we know as Sweden in modern times is less than 20% of the original Swedish Empire. The empire had the whole of Finland, Northern Poland, and much of Eastern Poland to the fringes of modern day St. Petersburg. King Charles II of the Swedish Empire fought several wars against Peter the Great of Russia. In a series of fracases, the Swedish Empire lost more than 60% of her territories to Russia.
Now, at the beginning of the war in 1708, the Swedes gave the Russians a bloody nose and decimated them like nine pins! Russia introduced the scorched earth policy and destroyed everything in their wake even within Russian territory to stop Sweden! Then they committed "more men and materiel" to the war to defeat the Swedish Empire. So Russia lost significant men and equipment far worse than Sweden, but gained territory. Please take note of this.
Russia and Imperial Japan (1905)
In 1904, Russia was a major power in the Yellow sea near Japan and in Manchuria on mainland China. Their influence was extended beyond Vladivostok in far East Russia and occupied Port Arthur near Manchuria. But they were at loggerheads with Imperial Japan for influence. War broke out between the two powers in 1905. The Russian military suffered a humiliating defeat in the hands of the Japanese. As usual, they committed more men and equipment as per military policy rather than precision; the Japanese hurt them bad and sank 8 of their battleships! The victory was so comprehensive that the US had to broker peace. Note the fact that Russia fought for territory and committed substantial men and equipment!
Russia and Finland (1939)
Recall that the Russian empire had taken hold of the possessions of the Swedish holdings in 1709 of which Finland was a part. Russia began the policy of "rossification" of the lands and made it a Grand Duchy of Russia. The Finns were livid with anger but had to endure the overlordship of Russia for over 200yrs. By 1907, the Finns were determined to break off from Russia and a movement by the student unions began. These were great times of turmoil in Russia as the Bolshevik Revolution was underway. Lenin was prepared to make tradeoffs too so as to get his government going. The Finns broke off circa 1920 and had their country. Their territory extended from the modern day Helsinki in the Southwest to about 10km from St. Petersburg in Russia. All is well that ends well.
But Russia had eyes on some key possessions in Finland including their only port to the Barents Sea in the North. In 1938, Russia demanded some territories from Finland; Finland would have none of it and countered the Russian gambit. Stalin set-up a red flag operation by the border with Finland and accused the Finns of aggression (red flags are an intrinsic policy of Russia in any conflict). The Finns demanded an independent investigation into it but Russia would have none of it. Needless to say, Russia invaded Finland in 1939. It was called a "Special Military Operation" and was to last 3weeks of which the whole of Finland would have been occupied!
The war lasted 6months.
In the first 4months, the wily and fierce Finns with less manpower and equipment, did not only give Russia a bloody nose but beat them blue-black and to the border. The Russian forces were decimated and the Finns caught Russian military equipment and turned them on Russia! Russian forces retreated again and again!
The Russian High Command recalled some military commanders, executed some and changed others. Then they poured 68 divisions into the war as against the 8 from Finland. It became 10 to 1 alongside equipment! They poured men and materiel into the war to overwhelm Finland! Finland eventually fell and the Prime Minister had to grovel in Moscow to save Helsinki!
Russia gained about 50% of the Finnish territory...till date. But lost 270,000 men as against the 70,000 lost by Finland! They lost more than 5times the number of equipment lost by Finland. Till date, their policy has not changed more; less precision, more men and materiel, achieve victory even if pyrrhic, but grab me some land!
Russia and NAZI Germany (1941)
In the winter of 1939, the World War 2 broke out in Europe. Germany was the antagonist and fought everyone. The German 8th Army invaded Russia (now the USSR as renamed by Lenin in 1922). General Von Paulos was a competent strategist but apparently, he missed the classes on the Russian scorched-earth policy! The Soviets threw everything at Von Paulos...bombs, bullets, the kitchen sink and whatever they could lay their hands upon! Von Paulos had never seen such a barbarians ever! The Russians lost 20million men in the war with Germany but secured victory and became the overlords of Eastern Europe for 70yrs!
They lost mind-boggling number of men and materiel, had several cities destroyed, burnt grains and livestock to prevent the Germans from winning, but won a victory albeit pyrrhic but gained territory!
That's very "russian"!
Russia and Republic of Georgia (2008)
In 2008, Russia fought a war against the Republic of Georgia over allegations of being cozy with the west and Shakstavilli of spending over a billion dollars on defence. Then there were the South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions in Georgia that were pro-Russian. Well, the war lasted a short 12days before Georgia capitulated. Russia absorbed the northern Georgia...Russia gained territory!
Russia and Ukraine (2014)
In 2014, Russia accused Ukraine of something...anything under whatever guise and invaded the neighbour. Cremea was annexed! Russia gained territory!
Russia today (2022)
In 2021, Russia was back in the Ukraine with further demands; "yea, you wanna bam-bam and chill with the big boys and chill with NATO? We ain't gonna let you drink and drop the cup; and yes, those Russian people in the Dombass". None of those excuses were a problem to Russia in the real sense. Given, Vlodymir Zelenski was not smart in handling Dombass; he ought to have granted autonomy and accommodated a lot just like Nigeria should grant autonomy to Biafra. But hiding under the guise of national interest, Zelenski dropped the ball and allowed a voracious land-grabbing dragon nearby to invade his home! Never mind the stupid talk of "denazification" of the Ukraine by Putin...that's most silly! Zelenski is Jewish and his family was murdered by the Germans during the WW2. How could someone with that background be a NAZI?
It's all about territory for Russia...and the Russian massive ego at work!
Propaganda aside, the Russians have lost so many men and equipment in their invasion of the Ukraine in 2022. Russia is not about precision but scorched-earth so do not be taken aback by their modus operandi in this war. But they tend to mass together due to large numbers, and the Ukrainians are decimating them in large numbers too.
But this is Russia!
They've got more men and equipment than the Ukrainians have bullets. The case is worse as they must fight in a smaller space within Ukraine and must mass! Unfortunately however, Russia would pour men and equipment into the Ukraine and eventually overwhelm them. They would loose more men and materiel but they would gain territory...Eastern Ukraine!
And the toothless tiger called the United Nations would make the right noises while the Ukraine goes down!
Russia tomorrow (20...?)
In my opinion, those tiny countries neighboring

Russia stand no chance; maybe they should form loose Federations and appear like a large country but with independent regions and armies like the UAE. It's just a matter of time before the Russian Dragon gets hungry again and would demand for a fresh meal...of!!!
Maybe Poland this time...or Turkmenistan! The choice is yours; it's all dessert to Mother Russia.
(These are the personal opinions of Hothints and do not reflect the opinions of Metaverse, its affiliates, western governments or anyone else).

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