RUSSIA WILL STOP DELIVERIES OF ROCKET ENGINES TO U.S. In retaliation for its sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, Dmitry Rogozin

  Head of the state space agency Roscosmos has announced that Russia will stop deliveries of rocket engines to the U.S. Roscosmos will also stop servicing rocket engines it had previously delivered to the U.S., Rogozin said.

MEET RUSSIA'S World fastest Nuclear Ballistic Jets TU 160 Twice Faster than Sound.

World's deadliest War machine ever created  that NATO doesn't want to fight,  Putin's TU160 Jet has supersonic speed, as defined by science 'Objects move at supersonic speed when the objects move faster than the speed at which sound propagates through the medium' 

Yes, this gives the Tu160 the ability to evade missile attacks locked at its tail. 

When Putin Sent 1 to Venezuela at US doorstep, it sent shivers the whole US and EU, like the US B2's Refuelling ability mid air, This makes Putin's Jet even way more unmatched and no US fighter Jet  would dare this war machine in mid air.

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