Lets pray for Rev Sunday Adelaja and family because he is on the wanted list of Vladimir Putin.


I was listening to Rev Sunday Adelaja this morning on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and I learnt a very good lesson which every Nigerian in diaspora must learn  that whether you go north east west or south home is the best.

Sunday Adelaja has been living in Ukraine for 35years ,he got there when he was 19years and is 55years old now. All his investment are in Ukraine, he never saw any need to get a property in Nigeria or any other place., he did not foresee that anything or something might take him and his family away from Kyev Ukraine and this period for the first time he became homeless and had to depend on brethren to hide his family because he is on the wanted list of Vladimir Putin. 

Now he is in hiding and can't even come to Nigeria because  he has no investment in Nigeria,

Brethren no matter your status in a foreign land remember that you are first a Nigerian before any other thing and just as the Polish denied entry to all blacks including black Ukrainian citizens from entering their country except Slovakia who has been so magnanimous to accept all comers the days will come when your citizenship of a foreign country will be questioned and your passport not recognize, what will you do.

A Pharaoh might come that know not Joseph and your stay in a foreign land becomes shaky, what would you do to protect your family from racial profiling and abuse.

Nigeria might today have a lot of problems but it is our country and I know my way in Nigeria more than any other country, I still miss the noise of Oshodi, the criminality of Ojuelegba, the  serenity of ikoyi, the plenty beggars harassing you in Ibadan and the food oh my God. 

It is incumbent on every Nigerian in diaspora to make investment at home a priority, don't put all your eggs in one basket to avoid coming back home empty handed after many years of labor. A word is enough for the wise.

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