Bianca is not just any woman. For those who think Bianca should have kept her cool. I agree, but...

She is of noble birth; the daughter of one of Igbo's wealthiest men, and former governor of old Anambra State, Chief C.C Onoh.
She is a beauty queen. Earned. A former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. A queen.
Most importantly, she is the only duly wedded wife of the most respected warrior and political leader to have emerged out of Igbo land, after Zik.
Well educated and properly groomed. Decency is not timidity and being decorous does not mean, to those who know themselves, being frightful.
She is a former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain.

For those who think Bianca should have kept her cool. I agree, but...
It is easier to keep your cool when you are confronted by someone who is about the same class or could ride in the same boat with you.
If not for politics and the sudden opportunities it provides for Lilliputs to measure heights with giants, Ebele Obiano might never have an opportunity in her lifetime to sit in the same hall with Bianca.
I have never heard of an Ebele Obiano until sometime in 2017 or thereabouts when rumours went rife about how a certain governor's wife is in the habit of slapping people and harassing even the Deputy Governor. That's how irrelevant she is.
Remove Willie Obiano from Ebele, then, you understand why it is unbearable that she could walk into a hall and call Queen Bianca Onoh, Lolo Bianca Ojukwu, Ambassador Bianca, etc, by her first name, talk less of trying to exchange words with her.
I have known the name Bianca Onoh since I started knowing about beauty. Bianca was my grandmother's metaphor for beauty. If a young girl carried herself so we'll, she would compliment her by calling her Bianca.
Okay, let's even say that both women should be given spaces based on the power and influence of their husbands. Who is Willie to rub shoulders with Ikemba?
Aru mere, mana ya emekwala ozo. Ebele should buy gifts and go on her knees to apologize to Bianca.
Bianca wasn't just a creation of Ojukwu neither is she merely the creation of her powerful and wealthy father. She went out of her father's shadows to make a name for herself.
Lolo Bianca is a successful wife. She gave her husband peace, stood by him, until he breathed his last.
It is safe to say that without Chief C.C Onoh, Bianca might have put her name on the pages of our consciousness. Without Ojukwu, she might still have been popular. Where would an Osodieme had been without Obiano?
It is more painful when an opportune wren flaps her wings disrespectfully towards an eagle. You can manage to walk away from some other person trying to disrespect you, but certainly not an insecure opportunist who wants to tell the world that she has arrived by challenging you.
I wish the slap sounded out one more time. One is not enough.
Goodbye to infamy.

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