So many people are not happy in their marriage Do you know why? Because they never know that marriage is beyond human imagination,


Do you know that marriage is spiritual
Who so ever you marry, know it that you have inherited his or her family spiritual courses or blessings,
1) Before you inherit someone's spiritual being
Ask questions about the family or personal spiritual status
2) Before checking the compatibility of your suitor or the lady you are planning to marry,
make sure you settle your spiritual husband or wife first,
3) make sure you do all the things they do in ìgbo traditional marriage, don't skip anyone
Use nkwụ don't use wine or malt on your Ịgba nkwụ
4) make sure you drink from the palm wine, after the prayers
Don't pour it away, because of being afraid of poison, once the spirits of your ancestors are with you nothing will happen to you
Do you know that some spiritual husband or wife can confuse a seer or your pastor..
They can confuse your spiritual guidance to say otherwise so that they will suffer you with that marriage..
Alot of marriage are in shambles today, and most of them asked their spiritual guidance if the person they married are compatible for them..and the answer they got was YES.
Before checking if that man or woman is yours, make sure you "be at peace" with any spirit that follows you around, so that they won't suffer you with it...
You can see someone who's husband was a billionaire but immediately they got married, the husband became poor,
that is the work of spiritual husband,
So many people use because of this killing their self with fasting and praying,
Saying that the spiritual husband is evil and wicked
He is not being wicked
He is just jealous of seeing you with another man, without his knowledge
You will also seen a lady who accepted a man that's not yet rich, after some time the man became so Rich, that is also a work of spiritual husband or wife
Some of them can be very stubborn, while some have soft heart,
Settle your spiritual family, and tell your partner to do his or her own, before getting married
So letter you will not tell the story that touches the heart
If you like don't agree, if you like agree with the massage
If you like hate tradition, letter you will be the one to suffer

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