We wish to bring to the notice of the reading public that we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) through our Intel has confirmed the heavy participation of Ifeanyi Ubah in the illegal arrest of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Nairobi, Kenya. Their first failed plan was to shot him in London using a Sniper from South America. The second plan which also failed was to use a fast moving vehicle to knock downand kill our leader. When these plans failed, the last plan to lure our leader to a location outside the United Kingdom for a meeting because they know the passion of our leader to IPOB's vision and mission.

The financier of the plans is the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike who found a willing tool ready to be paid to execute the plan in Ifeanyi Ubah, the man who is ready to sell his mother and father for money. When the South American killers could not get Nnamdi Kanu in London, Ifeanyi Ubah changed plans and contracted consultants  to do the dirty job. They succeded in luring Nnamdi Kanu to Nairobi, Kenya for a meeting and the rest is history.

The question on the lips of every IPOB man and woman is why will Ifeanyi Ubah be the saboteur that will betray Nnamdi Kanu? What has our leader and IPOB done to Ifeanyi Ubah to warrant such wicked act against us. Important to note that IPOB will raise against this devilish plot which has turned to blessing.

One need not search for too long for the motives for the betrayal of IPOB. Ifeanyi Ubah is the biggest debtor to the federal government in 2021 and is doing everything to be in the good books of Buhari government to delay his arrest. The second reason is his desperate search for money with which to execute his governorship campaign in his state, Anambra. When Wike who is corrupt and is doing everything to stop the EFCC from investigating him found a willing tool in Ifeanyi Ubah who is also desperate for cover from his debt case with AMCON and money for his governorship campaign, Nnamdi Kanu becomes the fish that must be killed and served for their ambitions. 

We IPOBIANS have declared Nyesom Wike and Ifeanyi Ubah persona non grata. They will pay for every second our leader spends in detention. They will pay with everything. Nothing is off the table as Ifeanyi Ubah has declared war against IPOB and all allies of IPOB.




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