NNAMDI KANU'S LEGAL WAR GAINS STRONG MOMENTUM.The Kenyan authorities did not anticipate the consequences of this action earlier, that's why they found it very difficult to own it up.


Is it possible that Nnamdi Kanu will plead not- guilty in the Nigerian Kangaroo court? Is it still possible to hear his voice again? Is it possible that he will come out of the government's custody alive?

We are about to unravel a mystery. 

Before then I would like to give you the first shock right away. Do you know the reason why Lai Mohammed came out to broadcast yesterday?

Listen attentively!

Nnamdi Kanu's arrest did not come cheap. The Nigerian government while arresting him had to violate a lot of international laws and that came with lots of severe implications. That's exactly the reason they hid the location of his arrest.

The Nigerian government is bizarrely afraid to mention this fact because they know the strings attached to it. They are entangled. But guess what?

IPOB lawyers did something interesting. They intelligently accused the UK government of complicity for turning Kanu in unlawfully. This was a strong motivation as the UK government fell into defense. They had to explain why they broke the law 

The pressure yielded good results because the UK did not want their name to be soiled in the Nigerian mess. This was followed by their response that Nnamdi Kanu was not extradited in the UK as was earlier claimed by the zoo government and the corrupt news media.

To concretize this, the UK ambassador had to pressure the zoo government to clarify Nnamdi Kanu's arrest so that UK will not be falsely blamed for Nnamdi Kanu's arrest. 

It was this pressure that kicked Lai Mohammed to the screen yesterday where he started talking about Kanu's lifestyle. He did it to appear as if he came to mock Nnamdi Kanu but actually it was IPOB's pressure that trotted him out. 

It was laughable that he did not included INTERPOL as the international intelligence agency that helped them arrest Kanu. Initially they alleged that it was a collaborative intelligence between Nigeria and INTERPOL that led to the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu but in this broadcast, he reverted and said it was between Nigerian intelligence and other international intelligence agencies. Lol

When credible reports came from Nnamdi Kanu's family that he was arrested in Kenya, the same pressure moved into Kenya and surprisingly the news trended in many Kenyan tabloids and news papers. The news spread like a wild fire.

The Kenyan authorities did not anticipate the consequences of this action earlier, that's why they found it very difficult to own it up. Their ambassador to Nigeria reported this afternoon that they did not know that Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in Kenya. 

This was a defensive strategy to protect their government hoping that Nigeria will keep the secret. But this secret may not survive for a long time because Nigeria must say where they arrested Nnamdi Kanu in order to clear the allegations of abduction levelled against them by IPOB's international legal team.

In all these, the most important thing is that the Nigerian government is entangled, before they carry out any legal pronouncement on Nnamdi Kanu they must have to explain how they arrested him. Otherwise you cannot sentence an abductee.

More is coming!

Nnamdi Kanu's arrest as a British citizen came with its own sophistication. He has already requested the intervention of the UKs legal provisions for citizens arrested outside of UK. This makes him a property of not only the Nigerian government but of the Common Wealth. As such he might not be treated as Sowore or Abiola.

Guess what?

These pressures are not all. There are more pressures that has not been tapped yet. I will leak this to you, there are colossal stocks of peaceful and violent pressures waiting for deployment. I will not list them here but be sure Nnamdi Kanu has come to claim his Victory.

Nnamdi Kanu Maybe  untouchable!

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