Critical Questions we must ask: IGBO LEADERS

1. Where is Ken Nnamani? At his age, what is he still afraid of?  Why can't this man, former senate president deploy his political influence to stand up for the common man in Igboland? 

2. Where is Adolphus Wabara (or Nwagbara)? Why is this man sitting still while Igbos are being massacred across Abia state? Why can't this politician speak up for the common man who several years ago gave him their votes to represent them in the senate for 8 years? 

3. Where is Anyim Pius Anyim? Why has this man restricted himself to local Ebonyi politics? 

4. Now remember... these men challenged Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's imperial president at the time. They fought Obasanjo's third term and resisted his intimidation. Why are they watching idly as a man with manifest cognitive deficiencies threaten the Igbo race? 

5. Where are our senators? Did they derive their mandates from Abuja or from our people here? Why have they turned their backs on the very people who elected them? 

6. I have listened to Ihechukwu Madubuike, he made a strong case against the nonsense playing out in Abuja and the idiocy of the ruling class.  Where are other former public officers from our land? 

7. Edwin Clarke at over 90 is still one of the strongest pro-Niger Delta voices. Where are Edwin Clarke's contemporaries in Igboland? 

8. Where are the Ike Nwachukwus, Ihejirikas  and all those retired generals from Igboland? Are they afraid of Buhari? For what exactly? Lest he sacks them from their jobs or sends them to prison? 

9. I am pained to say that we empower the madness of ethnic triumphalists like Muhamadu Buhari by keeping still and silent when he makes idiotic threats as the one he made yesterday against Igbos.

10. The docility of our leaders is the reason we now have demagogue and idiots now destabilising and threatening law abiding Igbos. 

11. A senior judicial officer was shot dead in Enugu on Sunday. Many innocent Igbo youths have lost their lives. Is this the new direction we want to take in Igboland? 

12.  The signs are not good. Mad men have taken over the asylum,  the elders are silent and our population is bring further decimated. 

13. May God in heaven arise to fight for the common man in Igboland who has now become victim of the silence of the political elites in the land, the evil schemes of Muhamadu Buhari and his supporters, and the activities of demagogue operating from within Igboland and economic refugee centres in Europe and America.


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