This is WHY:

#Deuteronomy 32:7 kjv.

Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.


We are about to get into the sanctuary of the ancients, we are about to enter into the secret archives of our ancestors and the messages they left far behind in the dust of time.

You are about to be initiated into an ancient brotherhood! Just be Strong!

The secrets you are about to learn are above 3,000 years old. If our ancestors left anything behind, they are those symbols that adorn the breast of our distinguished elder statesman, Abaribe.

Don't be shocked if I tell you that those symbols were the inspiration behind the famed virtual African city called Wakanda. Those symbols were the texts adopted for the great film we know too well: Black Panther.

Thousands of years ago, before the ancestors of Lugard were born, our fore fathers developed an advanced system of writing and communication. These writings called scripts were sacred texts known to but an elite few.

They were used in performing high solemnity rituals. They were inscribed virtually everywhere in the olden days but for those who were not initiated, they were meaningless. They called this system of writing Sibidi (Nsibidi).

Sibidi is a classic Igbo dialect that means play. Funny enough, the origin of this word started with a tribe of Igbos living in the present day Cross River State, who used them to communicate with idioks (Chimpanzees)

Now hold your breath!

What is the meaning of those secret symbols displayed by Abaribe? What was he trying to pass on to this generation of Igbos?

Ignorance is a disease, the average Igbo man knows less than 15% of the ambience of the Igbo language. I want to shock you! 

There is a symbol in that T-shirt that shows two cross bows knit in the middle by a sword. It is the symbol at the bottom. This symbol will change your life right now. Knowledge is Power!

In 1803, during the heat of slavery. A ship that was carrying Igbo people was to duck in the shores of Georgia. About 75 were IGBOS who have already been sold off at $100 each.

A learned priest was among them and in the next few seconds he was to lead the rest into actualizing the first freedom movement in the history of humanity.

As the slave merchants relaxed in the upper deck, they were ignorant of a well planned rebellion brewing bellow them. They did not know the caliber of men they had with them. Below, the slaves had managed to unchain themselves.

Unannounced, the human traders were cornered and surrendered of their weapon. After neutralizing them, the victorious slaves were now set to create an eternal record.

They were proud people, they cannot serve their fellow men, it was an abomination. Initially, it sounded like a bluff but they meant it. Below them was a shark infested sea but they were not afraid of sharks.

It was more honorable to be eaten by wild beasts than to bend in slavery to fellow humans. It was swift and bold, one after the order, they threw their weights into the massive body of water for the sake of honor. It was a most honorable suicide such that  the coastal regions of Georgia adapted it in their academic curriculum yet many indigenous IGBOS are Ignorant of it.

This is the history of our ancestors, the history of bravery. The contagious nature of this bravery was what inspired the Haitian revolution and the IGBOS that were exported to Haiti carried this language with them, both in texts and in action.

What Abaribe displayed on his chest was an exaltation of bravery and valor. A symbol that should be in the minds of Igbo leaders in this disgraceful era where our politicians have sold our pride. It is a disgrace to our ancestors and our heritage.

It is an abomination!

Don't keep this to yourself. Share to groups, alert your peers.

This is a victorious era.

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