We are citizens of United States who honorably served in various branches of our superior military at different times and on different conflict theaters. We are members of the American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID), incorporated in the state of New Mexico and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, EIN#: 85-4277623. Some of our members were born as Igbo tribal ancestry of the southeastern part of Nigeria and became United States citizens by naturalization before or during their military service. The rest of our members are natural born United States citizens to Igbo tribe Nigerian parents. All our members are therefore honorable men and women who meritoriously served or currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Our Christian parents, siblings, relatives, classmates, friends, and well-wishers still live in Igbo part of the Southeastern Nigeria.  

We are bringing to your notice that we are stressed and stretched beyond elasticity by the oppressive condition of our people entrapped in Nigeria and we seek your urgent action. We are not oblivious to the laissez-faire nature of Nigerian President Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership. His slothfulness has exacerbated in chaotic gap in national security and freedom of the people. Our attention is drawn to the following life altering events currently going on in Nigeria:

General Insecurity, heinous violence, corruption, and graft, abductions and

harassment of hundreds of school children, Incessant kidnappings of law

abiding citizens, Breakdown of law and order, Open grazers with AK-47

weapon by Muslim Northern Nigerian brothers of the President killing people at will, Fulani hegemony, murderous slaughter of

Non-Fulani ethnic groups, Chronic youth unemployment, Mayhem in the

Middle Belt of Nigeria without prosecution or accountability, Free installation and tacit enforcement of Muslim Caliphate in Eastern Nigeria, Atrocities and genocide meted out to Nigerian citizens without consequence, Government appointment of Fulani tribe indigenes to key positions such as: NNPC, RIRS, NCS, NPA, Defense, Finance, Education, Justice, FTC, Agriculture, Police Affairs, Aviation, Communication, Power, Water Resources, FERMA, NYSC,

PTDF, NTA, FAAN, EFCC, ICPC, NFIU etc…, Dastardly act of support for

Bokoharam and Myeti Allah Muslim terrorists, Politics of the second Niger bridge, Nigeria where people killed by violence are not counted, Corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves with their government accomplices, Execution of

Eastern farmers on their indigenous farm lands with no prosecution,

Gruesome rape of young Igbo girls and married women, unprovoked

killings, massacre, maiming by Fulani young men and nobody held to

account, Army and Police killing of unarmed defenseless youths at Lekey

Toll gate, Execution of Christians on church grounds during church

worship, Police frequent brutality, Unconstitutional arrests, detention, and

killings of political opponents, Abduction and execution of foreigners,

Security condition and Human Rights violation, Excessive China monetary

loans for development of another country, Government protection of

criminals, bandits, terrorists, Epileptic electricity and dilapidated

infrastructure, Lack of navigable roads in the Eastern parts of Nigeria,

Woeful condition of Universities and academic standards, Government

appointments from only Fulani tribe, Eastern Nigerian men pillaged,

slaughtered en mass within their indigenous ancestral land with no

consequences, Violent military inversion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s ancestral

home and consequent fatal slaughter of Igbo youths, Forceful conquest of

Orlu in Igbo land and its attendant wastage of lives and properties,

Culpable, reckless, and gross neglect by federal government, Attacks and

mascara of Eastern people of Ebonyi state, Enugu state, Abia state, Anambra state and Imo state, Disproportionate installation of military check points in Igbo

land, unprovoked harassment of innocent people and monetary extortion,

​Stifled constitutional freedom and protection of citizen’s lives and properties;  

freedom to  assembly, association, speech, and extra-judicial killings

 The American Veterans of Igbo Descent unequivocally and officially report these vices to you and seek your consent to review these problems. Our assessment is that Nigeria is irretrievably divided and cannot be ameliorated. The Igbo people seek referendum to become a new nation called Biafra. The Western Yoruba people wants to become a nation called Oduduwa. The Middle Belt people want to separate from Nigeria and become a new nation. We urge our nation (United Stated of America) to urgently restore the indigenous people of Biafra as a country carved out of Nigeria. Only this will ensure the Safety and Security of our people especially now that Nigeria slid into security dark precipice. The people of Southeastern Nigeria have right to self defense. Their youths are infuriated, have no future, and have no guarantee to life, safety, security, and protection. Because of these anomalies, AVID advocates, stands with, and express our unalloyed support for, and take a strong stake in the redemption of our Igbo people. We therefore declare as we vacate our silence that Southeastern Igbo people have their constitutional rights taken away by Nigerian Fulani led government. AVID stand to assuage the anguish Eastern people of Nigeria have endured by leveraging your support to assure our oppressed people that their suffering will soon end. Our solemn pride and request hinges on the strata of freedom you can provide to our oppressed Igbo people of Nigeria.


Chief Sylvester Onyia, President

Email and phone number  

Dr. Godson Obiagwu, Secretary



This is from the president of Igbos in Jacksonville who's also a veteran- We move🙏💪👌

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