AN AVERAGE NIGER DELTAN, THE IGBO AND THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM.You need to travel to Bayelsa as to understand the type of poverty that is walking on two legs there


Most people in the coastal parts of Biafra, I mean those of them that call themselves Niger Delta are poorly educated. Most of them are not even in school. Everything is against them. Their politicians uses the youths for political thuggery, while a little girl at age as low as 7 have already started acting out. Lots of their women are easily taken and a lot at 35 have already cohabitated with more than 3 men, and each men producing babies with them.
Their politicians only knows how to settle the people making noise. If you talk about the suffering of the people, you will be incorporated. This is the reason militancy in the Niger Delta did not have positive impact on the common man. The leaders of these Militant groups are today millionaires, if not billionaires. They work with their politicians and pretend to be for the people.
I read a comment from Godswill Leeleebari on Governor Nyesom Wike's Facebook page telling the governor that it is Rivers people and not him that will decide if Rivers State is Biafra or not, and immediately someone came asking him why Igbo people can't do without Rivers. For a start, Godswill is Ogoni and not Igbo, yet average Niger Deltan thinks he is at war with an Igbo man. This is terrible.
If you study this average Niger Deltans, you will understand that Nigeria have dealt huge dangerous blow to their psych. I have lived among them and I can tell you that I know what am talking about. An average Niger Delta man doesn't see Nigeria, Fulani or the North as his problem. The problem of the average Niger Deltan is Igbo. That's why these ones that pride with Niger Delta are always antagonistic whenever things about Igbo and Biafra is being discussed. They refused to even listen as to understand what Biafra is all about.
Nigeria simply damaged them, and made them think Igbo people is their problem. Most of them are ignorant of politics and history of Nigeria. If you are Igbo and you say something nice about them, they will immediately accuse you of trying to lure them into Biafra. Nigeria did this to them. Nigeria destroyed them and keeps using their people to destroy them the more. You need to travel to Bayelsa as to understand the type of poverty that is walking on two legs there. Their leaders are Fulani puppets who keeps feeding large, without regard to the people. Talk against them, and see them play ethnic games. Igbo people wants to dominate us is what you hear them say.
The places known as Niger Delta today is not only poor but have been destroyed both economically, educationally and otherwise. What do the youths in those places know if not to run after politicians and do thuggery for them? What of infrastructures? Nothing is working. Take a look at their environment. Many communities there cannot boast of ordinary agricultural activities again, not to talk of fishing. Both their lands and waters have been poluted by Nigeria Government, while the same people oppressing them will keep telling them that Igbo man is their problem.
Where is Niger Delta? Is it Oil producing communities? If yes, who are these oil producing communities? If Niger Delta are those Nigeria government erroneously called South South? Are Igbo people not included in the so called South South? Why is Igbo man the problem of an average Ijaw, man? How is Igbo man domineering? Have you tried to get answers to these pressing questions?
How come you don't want to be a part to Igbo people, but you like Anioma, Etche Opobo my Village Bonny and Obigbo to be included in your Niger Delta? How come you love an Egbema man in Rivers State, but hate and fear an Egbema man in Imo state? Do you now understand exactly what Nigeria government have done to your people? Do you now understand why they had to divide Eastern region and bring in South South that is non existent in geography just to confuse the people.
Today, Fulani man owns the oil wells. Fulani man controls NNPC and the oil companies. Fulani is in charge of everything, but they turn around to accuse Igbo man of being his problem. Why is Abuja, Kano etc more developed than your towns? Who in essence is dominating you?
I am not here to speak to you the way you will like. I am here to tell you to look at yourselves and know what the Fulani has done to you all. Do you know that when the Igbo stood with Goodluck Jonathan, some of them said an Igbo man did it because of oil in Niger Delta. Some of them are already getting mad with oil. But the question is. Don't the Igbo have oil? Are three major states in South East not already oil producing states? Are some communities in your South South not Igbo oil producing communities?
The Nigeria establishment have destroyed your psych. That's why you think enemy of your brother, leaving out the real enemies to rape you front and back. When we talk you claim we should leave you alone. Is it force to be in your Biafra. That's what you hear them say. Only if you know how foolish you sound with those statements. For a start, no one is begging anyone to be in Biafra or not. And you can be on your own and so is Igbo people. Igbo people will not encroach in your land, but the question is. Can you replicate same? Can you respect the Igbo people in that same South South and understand that they are same with Igbo people Nigeria called South East? You just can't be shouting that Ndị Igbo is forcing you into Biafra, yet you too wants to incorporate some Igbo people in Niger Delta.
But I think I have to say this here, for some of you to understand. You can't be a part of Biafra without you and the majority of your people voting YES to Biafra. And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said it that if you are Igbo, but you and your people thinks that you are not Igbo, that you all will have your own referendum differently. It simply means that if Ikwere people thinks they are not Ndị Igbo, they will vote as Ikwere, and if they vote No to Biafra, then they are out. No one will force them. No one.
In Biafra, every nation will control their resources, with their own parliament. You can only dominate yourself and no one will dominate you. That is because you and only you have right to say what happens in your region or province.
The people calling themselves Niger Delta needs education, just like the ones calling themselves otellectuals in South East. Look around you and understand what One Nigeria have done to your psych. Can't you smell the poverty around you? Let me end it here.

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