*IGBO AND YORUBA ARE THE BIGGEST FOOLS IN AFRICA.* Nigeria is a strange item. If your brother is in trouble, you are in trouble, unless you are insane.


*1* Of the 16 Republics in the world, only Nigeria uses empty landmass as federating units, instead of ethnic nationalities.

*2* Nigeria is the only Oil-producing country where Oil Blocks are allocated to individuals, instead of government.
*3* Nigeria is the only country in the world whose Constitution maintains a conflicting dual ideology - Democracy and Sharia.

As both cannot co-habit, one must give way. That is the War going on now under Buhari's watch. Recall the the Sultan of Sokoto - who doubles as Head of Fulani Oligarchy and Nigerian Monarchy - recently declared in USA that he does not recognise the Nigerian Constitution, but Sharia only.
"It is to be ignorant and blind in the Science of Commanding Armies, to think that a general has anything more important to do than to apply himself to learning the inclinations and the character of his adversary". *John Laffin*[Links of Leadership].
While the Igbo and Yoruba were busy roaming the world and ravaging all Schools and Libraries - studying the ancestral cultures of the Greeks, Romans, Turks, Cappadocia, Mongols, Spartans, etc, their common mole in-house [Fulani], concentrated at home perfecting psychological Jihad to lock their horns in perpetual duel of vain supremacy and foolish pride. No doubt, the Fulani have succeeded in exploiting the mutual sense of insanity between the Igbo and Yoruba.
Fulani is a Culture of War and domination - ruthless military and political strategists. As parasites, they penetrate their host through guise and guile - deception. Recall these two encounters:
*1* Uthman dan Fodio vs. King Yunfa of Gobir Kingdom [then Hausa] now Sokoto by Fulani.
*2* Janta Alimi vs. Oba Afonja of Ilorin [then Yoruba] now Fulani.
When your brother is in trouble, you are in trouble, unless you are insane.
At the height of the *Jos* Ownership Crisis: "Look at Kano, Bida, and Ilorin - the Fulanis who are ruling there are non indigenes and I can't see why the same treatment will not be accorded to Jos ... otherwise, there will be no peace in Nigeria". *Tanko Yakassai*, former Political Adviser to President Shehu Shagari [Vanguard Newspaper, 26 Jan 2009].
From Grazing Route - Grazing Reserve - Cattle Colony - Ranching - Grass from Brazil - inland Waterways - N100 billion to Miyeti Allah - Fulani ethnic Radio - RUGA - e-registration of illegal aliens - Military Ranching - back to inland Waterways again!
Taqiyya in action. The story keeps changing, but the subject matter remains the same - land takeover!
Remember Terwase Agwarza [aka GANA] - a Benue militia leader who repented, laid down his arms, and surrendered to Nigeria's security for amnesty. And the military killed him in surrender. But in Katsina, Governor Masari and some military officers held a Peace Meeting with terrorist bandits. The bandits attended carrying assault rifles in the presence of the governor and the military, yet nobody killed anybody. They know themselves!
Few weeks ago, UAE announced that it had convicted 6 Nigerians for funding Boko Haram terrorists. Nigerian government would not collaborate with UAE to track down BH sponsors. It's still busy hunting #ENDSARS# sponsors! Rather, FG had advised the convicts to appeal to the Supreme Court in UAE, promising to also use diplomatic avenues to help them out! They know themselves.
Recall it was "Igbo Coup 1966" - to unite other Nigerians against Igbo. Then came "No Victor No Vanquished 1970" - to deny responsibility after the genocide. Recently it became "IPOB is a terrorist organisation" - to divert attention from the real terrorists, and to justify further pogrom on the Igbo. And now, it's "Igbo sponsored #ENDSARS# to overthrow Buhari's government". Also, "Igbo destroyed Yoruba economic assets in Lagos".
Meanwhile, Buhari and his Fulani tribesmen [local and imported] have been executing "their mandate" happily and successfully. The rest of Nigerians - the highly educated and civilized, the sleeping majority, the self-defeating saints, etc, are the only ones thinking that Buhari is worried, that FG is failing Nigerians, that Buhari is fighting BH, poverty, etc, and that Nigeria is practising democracy.
"The world will never respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect". *Nelson Mandela.*
Madiba, Father of Africa! I tearfully regret to inform you that the Igbo and Yoruba of Nigeria, locked in a most foolish contest of wild goose chase, while the stranger plunders their common inheritance, have insanely sworn to "fall your hand".
If your brother is in trouble, you are in trouble, unless you are insane........

THE SEVEN-FOLD YOKE AND THE CABAL THAT OWN NIGERIA‼️ Permit me to share a scholarly, revealing and I daresay disturbing intervention which was sent to me by a friend. The author wishes to remain anonymous. He wrote as follows: "The disruptive power of the Hausa-Fulani cabal is a structural reality and will only get worse, no matter where the President of Nigeria comes from. It is a seven-fold yoke which we must break for the sake of our children. 1. THE POLITICAL YOKE: Globally, out of the 16 Federal Republics in the world, Nigeria is the only federation where land mass is used as a primary criteria for creating federating units. NO Southern leader (civilian or military) has ever had the guts to create any federating unit; all the federating units have been created by Northern military adventurers. 20 federating units were created from only one region (North), while 17 federating units were created from 3 regions (East, West and Midwest). Competent leaders are easily filtered off by the rigged political structure. At every election, the evil and corrupt Northern cabal needs only a few Southern collaborators to impose any presidential candidate upon the two foremost political parties, only for the electorate to formalize one of the candidates with votes. That's why Nigeria has been having such mediocre leaders as President, in a country awash with extremely capable presidential materials. This also explains why since 1960 no Southerner has ever led Nigeria except by accident. The FIRST coming of ALL 3 Southern leaders - Aguiyi-Ironsi in 1966, Obasanjo in 1976 and Goodluck Jonathan in 2010 - followed the death of Northern incumbents! The fourth and only other Southern leader was Ernest Shonekan and his coming followed the forced "stepping aside" of a northern Head of State in 1993. He lasted for 3 months after which he was toppled and replaced by another northern military Head of State. For 2019 the presidential contest is being set for Atiku vs Buhari- two Fulani representatives of the Cabal. 2. THE ECONOMIC YOKE: Nigeria is the only oil-producing country where oil wells are allocated to individuals. The Hausa-Fulani cabal allocated over 80% of the oil blocks either to the Northerners or to their Southern fronts/allies. The names of these oil block allotees are in the public domain. 3. THE RELIGIOUS YOKE: No other faith is mentioned in the Nigerian Constitution, except Islam. For instance, in the 1999 Constitution, Christ, Christians and Christianity are not mentioned even once; whereas Islamic signposts are strewn all over the Constitution - Sharia is mentioned 73 times, Grand Khadi 54 times, Islam 28 times , Muslims 10 times, etc.. That Constitution was written SOLELY by one Muslim Fulani Jihadist named Prof. Auwalu Yadudu (Special Adviser to Abacha on Constitutional Matters). While the 1979 Constitution emphasized Nigeria’s secularity, the 1999 Constitution of Yadudu is a de facto Islamic Constitution, and the Cabal ensured that Yadudu was there to fight that position at 2014 National Political Conference. Subsequently, during Obasanjo's govt, the same Northern cabal formally adopted Islam as the State Religion in the core Northern States. Obasanjo refused to even discuss the issue, except to state that it would 'fizzle out'. He knew fully well that it would not 'fizzle out' but was afraid of confronting the cabal. 4. THE CULTURAL YOKE: The Sultanate forms a major pillar of the Hausa-Fulani cabal. As permanent President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) the Sultan is the permanent leader of all Muslims in Nigeria (whether they are Northerners or Southerners). As the Permanent Chairman of National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (NCTRN) the Sultan is the permanent leader of all traditional rulers in all 36 States of Nigeria & Abuja. By the way, the current Sultan was the Brigadier-General Commanding 241 Recce Battalion Kaduna. Many public policies are determined only with the tacit approval of the Sultanate of Sokoto and the Emirates. For instance, when the Gender Bill was introduced in the National Assembly, the Sultan 'killed' the Bill simply by criticizing it publicly. Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (the world's most revered monarch) would never criticize Parliament publicly, because that would be an abuse of royal privilege. 5. THE ADMINISTRATIVE YOKE: Nigeria is the only African country that built a new capital from scratch (using resources from the oppressed, deprived and degraded Niger Delta/South East ). The Cabal claimed that the location of Lagos by the ocean was a security risk, but this was just an excuse to Northernize national public service. A careful look at the map of Africa shows that only 2 nations have central capitals. The most common location for African capitals is at the coast. London (United Kingdom) is situated at the edge of England on the River Thames. Washington DC (USA) is located along the Potomac River on the East Coast of USA. Paris (France) is located at the edge of France in the north-bending arc of the river Seine. When Lagos was capital the Governors of Lagos State were from East, West and North. Since the Capital moved to Abuja, NO Nigerian leader has ever had the guts to appoint a Southerner as substantive FCT Minister. The FCT Minister must be a Northerner, preferably a Muslim (the current FCT Minister was appointed while he was Executive Secretary of the Hajj Commission). 6. THE DIPLOMATIC YOKE: Any Christian leader who questions Nigeria's membership of the two main international Sharia-driven bodies (OIC & D-8) faces the wrath of the Hausa-Fulani Cabal. So far, only Cdr Ebitu Ukiwe has ever had the guts to seriously question Nigeria's involvement in these Islamic bodies and as a result Ukiwe was summarily dismissed from office. 7. THE MILITARY/SECURITY YOKE: Nigeria is the only Federation in the world where all MAJOR security agencies are headed by only one section of the Federation and only members of one faith. Army – Northern Muslim. National Security Advisor – Northern Muslim. Minister of Defence – Northern Muslim. Minister of InternalAffairs- Northern Muslim. Airforce –@ Northern Muslim. Police – Northern Muslim. Economic Financial Crimes Commission- Northern Muslim. National Civil Defence Corps – Northern Muslim. Department of State Security – Northern Muslim. Immigration– Northern Muslim. Prisons Service– Northern Muslim. Federal Road Safety Corps – Northern Muslim. Nigerian Customs Service – Northern Muslim. Chief of Defence Intelligence – Northern Muslim. Director of Military Intelligence - Northern Muslim. Fire Service – Northern Muslim. National Emergency Management Agency – Northern Muslim. Nigerian Ports Authority- Northern Muslim. No southerner has been made substantive Comptroller General of Customs in 30 years. Even with all his braggadocio, Olusegun Obasanjo dared not break the jinx in all this years as Nigeria's President. Again no southerner has ever been appointed as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission since the day it was established in 2003. Finally the only southerner that was EVER appointed National Security Advisor was killed after he was unceremoniously removed from office by Goodluck Jonathan after the cabal blackmailed and arm-twisted him and told him that if he wanted peace he must appoint a northerner back to that post. The above multi-faceted enslavement to the Hausa-Fulani Cabal is not an accident. Read the book by Harold Wilson which clearly states how and why the British laid the foundation for the Hausa-Fulani hegemony in Nigeria. The principle guiding the Cabal was clearly set forth by the cabal's patron saint, Sir Ahmadu Bello who said to the media: "The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO RULE OVER US and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN FUTURE." – (The Parrot Newspaper, October 12, 1960). Freedom from the Cabal is NOT about "North versus South". In fact, the greatest victims of the Northern cabal are the Northern masses themselves. The struggle entails "Northern Cabal versus All of Lovers of Freedom". Nigeria is structurally unworkable and MUST EITHER BE RESTRUCTURED OR BROKEN. The Hausa-Fulani cabal will resist this with their blood, but there is no other way out of the enslavement for us and our children. We cannot continue 'suffering and smiling' in this un-restructured zoo called Nigeria. The words of Harriet Tubman are relevant here. She said, 'I freed a thousand slaves: I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves' ". The author of this brilliant intervention has given us plenty of food for thought. He argued the matter in a detailed, succinct and concise manner and he stated the case very well. Though there were one or two omissions, his research is outstanding and his analysis is factual, insightful and incisive. The truth is that he has said it all. Sadly many in Nigeria do not know that they are slaves to the cabal because they cannot feel the yoke or see their chains. Yet slaves they are and it is time that we opened their eyes, broke their yokes, cut their chains and free each and every one of them. That is precisely why yours truly, and millions of others, insist on restructuring our country or, failing that, dividing her and going our separate ways. THIS IS A CHALLENGE TO ALL EDUCATED NIGERIANS INCLUDING GOVERNORS AND OTHER ELECTED OFFICE HOLDERS, CIVIL SERVANTS, TEACHERS, FROM ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTRY TO FIND THEIR VOICES AND START TO SPEAK OUT. THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN IS INVOLVED. May God help us!

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