DIALOGUE WITH IPOB, IGBO GOVERNORS AND OHANAEZE NDE IGBO.Today in Igbo land, no police or army check points, and you don't care, and you learn nothing


Our S/Eastern governors together with Ohanaeze Nde Igbo are not smart and intelligent enough in handling the issues of IPOB. Till now they refused to use their God given Brian's to think on how handle the issues of this young youths that your federal government money could not buy.

This men started agitation with a Flag and you people started using brutal force on them, crushing them like they don't have families, they didn't stop.

The S/Eastern governors and Ohanaeze colluded with the federal government tagged them terrorist, they didn't stop.

You arrested their leader jailed him, they continued coming to court until he was granted bail, they didn't stop.

You freed their leader ban him from public gatherings,  they didn't stop.

You sent military to his home to crush him and his men he escaped while 28 of his men was killed, they didn't stop.

You sent joint police force in a primary school where they're praying at Aba and doing their harmless evangelism and you kill about 150 of them according to human rights report, they didn't stop.

The federal government have done so many other things in secret which we don't know in collaborations  with Ohanaeze Nde Igbo and S/Eastern governors, they didn't stop.

They now form a group Called EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK (ESN) well equipped with guns and gradually developing into something more dangerous. 

You sent army to Olru to crush them, they didn't stop.

You sent army to Obigbo and crush them many of them during EndSARS, they didn't stop.

They keep maintaining there stand of defending Igbo land by going into the bushes to chase away Fulani Herdsmen who are building up camps, kidnapping killing and rapping our women, you're sending army after them, they didn't stop

They're no longer afraid of engaging army face to face, if you like kill 100s of them they will keep coming S/Eastern governors and Ohanaeze Nde Igbo and you learn nothing.

Their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have ordered them to destroy all army and police checkpoints in all Biafra land, he dropped a number telling Igbo to call if they see any police check points any where across Igbo land, and you learn nothing

Today in Igbo land, no police or army check points, and you don't care, and you learn nothing

They have threatened to bring fire and thunder upon us, you people think they're joking. Instead of having second thoughts you learn nothing

They're doing fund raising in USA and all parts of the world where they have branches, calling on their friends to help them in raising funds for reason best known to them, you're all aware of it, and you learn nothing

They have build partnerships with the people of Ambazonians in Cameroon you people said they're idiots and miscreants, till now you learn nothing

Igbo governors, Ohanaeze Nde Igbo, come together call intellectual men and women, call IPOB to a round table and have discussions with them, ask them some questions. You refused

When their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was in Nigeria, he was meeting you all and was engaging you in meetings without fear, you learn nothing

Call them to a round table, remove the terrorist tag you labeled on them, you have the power to stop this disaster from happening, but your ears and hearts are blocked with Stone (Okwute).

South Eastern governors and Ohanaeze Nde Igbo call IPOB to round table with the Federal government, negotiate with them, after all federal government is negotiating with Bandits in the north. Do this to save lives and properties. Don't say you're not told

They have told you all who are big Politicians to go and get visa for yourself and family and you're making fun of their threats.

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