Fulani Association wrote on Oodua Nation. Nobody owns a land anywhere. If we actually wants to penetrate the west, we will use their Muslims,If we want to attack them, we will use their own people to fight them. They should go and read history

Oodua Nation wants to stop our life, they want to stop our business, they want to kill our cows etc. We have seen how Amotekun has been arresting our people by creating lies against them.

Even before they started their nonsense agitation on Oodua, we have a countless meetings and phone calls with MURIC led by Ishaq Akintola to speak against it and lead a protest. Ofcouse we read how he did that on newspapers and social media platforms, but our efforts to stop it was to no avail.

Initially I don't trust Yoruba people whether they are Muslim, Christian or whatever; inasmuch the person is from SouthWest. Perhaps some members of the MURIC from SouthWest kicked against.

I also sent a letter to Malami, IG etc to help stop this wicked souls would will prefer seeing us crying or dieing than to do us good because of our ethnic. All attempts to stop Akeredolu was fruitless before he went ahead to inaugurat that criminal organisation as a target to our business and brothers.

It is not actually their faults, if our fathers in history has conquered that region, we wouldn't have find ourselves in this mess. How in life would one citizen tell others he doesnt have a right on a land in the same country, is this not stupidity?

I do not know the Value of President Buhari, he should have used an executive order to stop these bastards that wants to divide the country. Buhari was only giving out money, but he has yet to do our wish since he became the president. We are tired of his money. We need him to give us land for our people across the country. We brought out Ruga and co it was stopped.

The only thing he has done so far is the issue of Water Bills for our people and the approval of railway from Nigeria to Niger Republic for easy movements of our brothers from Niger to Nigeria. We cant forget our brothers!

So these are the only thing he has been able to do for us since his years in office. This is not too good for us because this's an opportunity for fulani man, as we may not be the next president, but I doubt it.

Ishaq Akintola told me he will make sure he led South west muslims to stop Amotekun, which he did. But Emir Sanusi letter to our association told us it wont work because naturally yoruba of any belief cant be trusted.

They are all the same and infidel! So I wasnt too much surprised when we didnt see any positive outcome from what we discussed.

They actually accused us of penetrating their land. Which land? Nobody owns a land anywhere. If we actually wants to penetrate the west, we will use their Muslims. That's the most easiest way for us. If Akintola and his group had succeeded, will Amotekun be actualised? Now these criminals are the same people calling for breakup!

If we want to attack them, we will use their own people to fight them. They should go and read history, if we don't go by jihad, we will go by islamic penetration by aligning with some of their muslims who understands us.

We still have a war ahead inasmuch we still share this country, nobody owns a land anywhere. They have no right to start arresting our people by creating lies against them. We shall fight back and none of them will escape it.

I know how much efforts I made, when our people was killing a lot of them here even right from inside the mosque. We dont care who you are, war is war. They can continue saying that we dont allow their muslims to lead a Jumat or Islamic prayer, it is because we cant allow an infidel "ChrislamTrad" that disguises himself as an Islamic preacher to lead us in our mosques. It can never happen, unless we dont know who he is or where he came from!

They should keep saying we dont trust their muslims, that is none of our business. We always make ourselves clear. But I foresee a war coming, they want to provoke us to pick up our forgotten sword kept by our fathers.

I shall be forwarding this letter to all members of Miyyeti Allah and all other fulani Association group to be alert because we cant  take this nonsense anymore.

No room for the Southern Nigeria should forget presidency in 2023. If we see that it will be hard for us to get ticket in APC, then we will destroy APC for another Fulani in PDP to come in, we dont care who is VP. That has never be our concern from time immemorial. But the South, particularly the SW should forget presidency comes 2023. We can no longer trust the affairs of the country to people who enjoys seeing us crying.

We are people that cant be intimidated by anything, they should continue agitating, this country will never divide. No one can destroy our country for us. Hausa ones said they are born to rule, but we said we owns Nigeria and nobody can breakup this country.

Sheikh Mumeen Ahmad

Secretary, Fulani Association of Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria.

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