United Kingdom was formed by the people of United Kingdom not by a foreigner.You cant keep preaching peace and unity without the ingredients for peace and unity


The People came together  in 1707 to form a Union. They decided  to call is newly formed Relationship "Union  kindom" .

The Union was between the "Kingdom  of England  and the Kindom  of Scotland.The Kindom  of Ireland joined  the "Union" in 1801.

The Union became : United Kingdom  of Great Britain  and Ireland.

United based on  common goals and interest. They had a treaty.

England owns their own National  flag,

Scotland  owns their own National flag,

Wales owns their  own National Flag

The Union gave birth to Union Jack..

The union Jack symbolizes  their  Union.

Cross of Saint Andrew counterchanged with the Cross of Saint Patrick, over all the Cross of Saint George.

Cross  of Saint Andrew Represents  Scotland 

Cross  of Saint Patrick  Represents  Ireland 

Cross  of Saint George  Represents England and Wales

Their  passports, their currency  reflects  each Ethnic  groups.

English  pounds is different from Scottish  pounds.

Although the capital  for the union is London but each individual  have their own capital.

The Captial of Scotland  is Edinburgh,  Cardiff for Wales  and Belfast for Northen Ireland. .

The Education  of Scotland  is distinct  from the  rest of the United Kingdom. For instance  in Scottish  citizen doesnt have to worried about Study loan taking care by their government  while Students  in England  have to pay tuition  fees,  prescription are  free in Scotland  while Prescriptions are subsidized  in England .The People of Scotland  chose  to be in the Union not a marriage by Force.

Some people keep shouting  one Nigeria when 

there is no any logical  argument  for Nigeria  to be one Nation.What you call one Nations is contraption  of Nations.

The Population  of Igbo alone is more than the Population  of Ghana,Yet the destiny  of an Igboman is determined  In Abuja, The wealth  of Igboland is taken to Abuja and redistributed back to Igboland based on how many states  and local Governments.

The Wealth of Niger Delta is taken to Abuja .

The Security of Yorubaland is determined  in Abuja. Abuja determines what type of Education Yoruba people should have.

One Nigeria hasn't done anyone any good.

One Nigeria has given us Poverty, Nepotism, Bloodshed,  Discrimination  and Tribalism .

Nigerians  haven't  sat down and discussed  how and why they want to live together.

You can't just pack a group of people together and expect absolute people.

You cant keep preaching peace and unity without the ingredients for peace and unity 

Pics: Irish pounds, English  pounds,  Scottish  pounds, Union Jack flag

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