List Of Countries That Helped Nigeria InThe Civil War Against Biafra And How They Helped. When You Hear Them Boasting Of Nigeria / Biafra War, Ask Them who Fought The War?


Russia : 2 Fighter Jets and 3 Armour Tanks.
Burma (Manyamar): 2000 Veteran Soldiers and guns.
Slovakia (Czech): Two 129 Delfin fighter jets.
Poland: 1 Krakow war ship.
USSR: 15 MIG Bombers.
Norwegian: 2000 cases of Ammunition
Germany: 1 Navy ship containing 300 tonnes of 60mm and 90mm ammo, ten 6 mm recoilless rifles and 2 High explosive anti tank war head they bought 8 mark2 bombers at $105000 each and 15 sabre mk jets at $100000 each.
Ghana: A navy boat (sakumo lagoon) containingn1000 bullets cases.
UK: 1 cargo plane containing 1000 automatic fabriquenational rifles.
Niger and Chad: Over 9000 Foot soldiers known as the Sweepers.
Egypt- The Egyptians pilots were the ones bombing hospitals and market place with jet bombers
Countries that helped Biafra.
Haiti: Clothes and Food which the Nigeria government seized.
Gabon: Food which the Nigeria Government seized.
NB: No Country helped Biafra with weapons.
98% of the weapons they used were locally made.
They seized a Nigeria fighter jet and made 2 replicas of it.
They built their armoured tank , Short and long range missile, Grenades, B26 bombers
The first country to locally make and use of the Flame thrower.
Military cars that use palm oil as fuel .
Off shore switch
Mine bombs
The famous Ogbunigwe ( the only non nuclear explosive device that generate 0.6 magnitude of earth tremor with out nuclear fission.
And many more.
Chiukwu Okike Abiama bless Biafra!

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