Sunday Igboho, supporters chase Fulanis from Igangan in Oyo Seriki, Miyetti Allah on their kneels begging for peace .You cant eat your cake and have it



Someone sent me this but not verified

"Some extracts from Kola Olóòtú's interview with Sunday Igboho.

1. The Seriki Fulani Of Igangan has well-armed militias guarding him.

2.There are also three well fortified barricades on the way to his house.

3. The citizens of Ibarapa cannot access his house unless with express permission.

4. Sunday Igboho scaled all those hurdles and took his followers there.

5. The Seriki guards fired gunshot at him but he collected the guns without mounting a counterattack.

6.The Seriki Has collections of luxury cars in his compound including brand-new Toyota Venzas, Camry, each costing between 7million to 15 million Naira, totaling about 15, which the Seriki's herd of cattle cannot account for.

7. The people said it to Seriki's face that when people are kidnapped, the ransoms are usually brought to his palace to get it across to the kidnappers ( a kind of intermediary role in negotiations for their release).

8. If Seriki is not part of the conspiracy, why has he not exposed the kidnappers on behalf of whom he collects ransom?

9. All the kings in Ibarapa became overwhelmed and invited him as one of their sons to come and help them.

10. He didn't go there last week for fight but to see the situation on ground by himself and then issue the Seriki and his people a vacation notice of 7 days , which has elapsed today .

11. He is going back there today for war and he's not afraid to lose his own life on the struggle to Liberate his ancestral land from the kidnappers that have laid siege in the area.

12. He has gotten the support of Alaafin of Oyo and called on other prominent Yoruba kings to lend their voice to the struggle.

He went, he saw and he conquered.

A PhD holder having worked for years abroad returned to Nigeria to set up a farming business to create employment opportunities for his people and through which government can generate revenue via tax.
A group of criminals hidden under the platform of herdsmen destroyed his farmland because they needed to sustain their own business notwithstanding the man's likelihood of taking bank loans with interest having used his property as collateral.
He went to make a complain to the community leader and he was reportedly tied worst than a criminals and slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb.
He paid a painful sacrifice in the hand of unlettered products of failed system all because he wanted to help to contribute to the growth of Nigeria.
No arrest made nor a strong signal from both state and federal governments of Nigeria 🇳🇬 to reassure people of justice.
What a country?
There has been regular reports of People been kidnapped within the same locality with heavy ransome paid and even still murdered despite payments yet no arrest or signal that there will be justice.
Women are been reportedly rape and murdered and everyone doesn't feel safe anymore and no arrest or signal that something positive will be done.
A courageous young man who feel bittered like many of us as a result of this situation but because of our present political source of income or our expected political patronage or linked with some political figures with hope of political benefits refused to voice out.
CHIEF SUNDAY IGBOHO can NOT & must NOT be classified as a THUG for his boldness on this issue except there his a new dictionary meaning for THUGGERY.
Surprisingly and very Surprising all the criminals and the crimes are not been referenced by the manipulative and mischievous commentators but their sole point of reference is CHIEF SUNDAY IGBOHO. What a set of joker we have in both government and followers.
The federal and southern governments must admit that recent superior firepower of the military against the criminal elements in the Northern Region will push the criminals to a new location and this is the main reason for the rise in this criminals in the southern region.
If our security institutions have done their assignments very well there is a possibility CHIEF SUNDAY IGBOHO might not have come on stage but people need someone to save them and he has volunteered himself. On this he will find support and trusted followers among his people.
It is natural to expect his arrest but I don't know what crime he will be charged for. Quit notice is not new in Nigeria by any individuals or groups. Myeti Allah once issued one and to the best of my knowledge NO ONE was arrested for that instead 100 billion was reportedly offered them to support their business.
Before you arrest CHIEF SUNDAY IGBOHO, addres the security issues first.
If we must remain one it must be on equal terms of justice and fairness

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