Oduduwa Son wrote: Eastern Security Network ( ESN)and the showcase of made in Biafra armed power

There are so many people with different views and opinions concerning the recent activities of ESN setup by IPOB leader. 
Since the establishment of ESN, This Young Men have been showcasing their power and intelligence for the world to see... mostly for Nigeria govt to humble themselves and seek for peaceful Negotiations for #ReferendumNow. 
ESN just tested Made in Biafra Rocket capable of striking their enemies... but what I'm not sure is that , can the rocket be controlled to hit a specific target. 
I saw RPG destroyer capable of striking any Military vehicles including tanks and bringing down war planes. 
Sincerely speaking the destiny of Black race it's in Biafra land. It's time Oduduwas must prove to be part of the true sons and daughters of Almighty God as well. I'm aware of Intelligent personal from Oduduwa. 
ESN is doing great work towards ensuring better security for Eastern region... But so many people are questioning ESN power and Activities. 
Some said why must they showcase their readiness and weapons during their training or testing. 
Brother's and Sister's with weakness... everyone of us know North Korea, without these nation showcasing their military power... America would have captured them and destroy them. 
The world is afraid of North Korea today it's because of heavy weapons they possess as a nation. 
Therefore ESN Continues upgrading Your military capabilities and make sure you add nuclear warheads capable of hitting every measure institution that allows Nigeria to continue exiting has a country. 
If the one Nigeria people really want to keep their riches , they will call the attention of the govt to allow #ReferendumNow unfortunately they will not. 
It's a great privilege for me to wetness the last miracle in human history. 
Sorry for the grammatical errors... Brother's and Sister's with weakness, let's make history together. 
I'm proud to be Oduduwa son who always like writing about Biafra agitations.

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