Dear mothers letter from Innocent unarmed Nigeria protesters killed at Lekki Toll Gate


Dear mothers

If you waited for us since last night

wait no more, we won't return home

we lived in our days and died in our times

bury our bodies in national colours

for we died fighting, howbeit without

wielding swords but lending our voices

Dear fathers

You said a man must fight

not because he hates what's in front of him

but because he loves what is behind him

we fought for our siblings

and the generations to come

Dear brothers

Tell our friends to forget about us

give out our clothes and share our books

but tell them to engrave our names

on the breastplate of their hearts

for we lived in our days and died in our prime

Dear Sisters

Tell our teachers to erase our names

in the attendance register

tell them to allocate our seats to someone else

we were murdered yesterday

we never wielded a gun nor a sword

our only crime was singing the national anthem 

they taught us in school

Dear Claude

You said if we must die

then let us nobly die

not like hocks planted in an inglorious spot

we died fighting to live right

we died fighting for hoisting our national colours

Tell who cares to listen to always remember us

for we lived in our days and died in our prime

but I beg you, bury our bodies wrapped in the national colours

for we shall hoist it again in the next world

we died for Nigerians and Nigeria.

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