IGBOS ARE JEWS! See the Nigerian first flag made by the British. Read the reason behind the design.


The evidence of our Jewishness is everywhere including the timing of male circumcision etc.

Please Google: 'Flag of Nigeria (1914–1960)'. See picture attached.

The first sentence is as follows:

'The Flag of Nigeria between 1914 and 1960 was a British blue ensign with a green Star of David surrounding a Tudor Crown (later changed to a St Edward's Crown in 1953)'.

Note the phrase 'Star of David'!

When Sir (then a Sir, not yet a Lord) Fredrick John Dealtry Lugard was asked why he inserted the Star of David into the Nigerian flag, his answer was shocking.

Sir Lugard replied: 'Because of the Igbo Jews in the East of Nigeria'.

This was in 1914. The state of Israel was restored in 1948. So we are older.

The Star of David (✡︎), known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David, is a generally recognised symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism. It's shape is that of a hexagram, the compound of two equilateral triangles.

Hebrew might have been corrupted as Igbo or Ibo.

The Muslims of Nigeria were infuriated by the insertion of the Star of David into the Nigerian flag. They rioted against it and had the flag changed into a more Muslim flag (the green white green).

Who built the pyramids in Egypt? They were built by Jewish slaves. Some migrated across the Sudan into present day Igboland.

These former Jewish slaves rebuilt the Pyramids to the best of their abilities many years later at Nsude, Enugu (in present day Enugu state of Nigeria). See the picture attached. You can visit for verification as well.

THE IBOS OR IGBOS ARE JEWS. The evidence is everywhere.

 You know that Ojukwu said the same thing and they said that he was boasting, but now the generation that Ojukwu was preparing for has come.

8. Last year 2019 one of our brother wrote, a man wrote a logo for Innoson and everybody was shouting wow! And now Mazi Nnamdi Kanu recommended a logo with the star of David for Biafra on flag and some people are saying that it is Israeli logo, but it is not an Israeli logo.

9. The new flag I published featured the star of ERI I called it, and I want to be put on record that everybody is igbo and am going to prove it to you.

10. Before you argue, i want you to travel to Enugu state to a place called Nsude.

11. Your stupidity is like a cancer sitting in your brain and tonight I am going to cure your stupidity.

12. The new Biafra flag I designed will in no way replaced our original flag and coat of arm that we went to war with, it was meant to open up a discussion.

13. Some of you stupidly disagreed that we came from Israel and I say go to a place called Nsude in Enugu state.

14. Britain wanted to cover up our history because they know that we are the people of the book.

15. Now let me ask you, the pyramid in Nsude, who built it? And what is the difference between it and the one built by the Israeli slaves in Egypt.

16. When you are going into the Bush to do an errand and you see a fruit on the ground, the first thing you do is to look around, if you will find the same fruit tree around, if you don't, then you jump and pass, it means that there is something abnormal. That is the benefit of growing in the village.

17. Let me ask you again, what is that pyramid doing in Enugu? The only place you see such pyramid is in Egypt.

18. Why did they build the same pyramid as in Egypt in Enugu, is to point you to the direction where you came from.

19. I want people to go to Google this evening , in Wikipedia and you will see the flag of niggerea from 1914 to 1960.

20. Then ask yourself, why did Britain insight the star of David in that old ZOO flag, the same star of israel they fought to destroy.

21. Your number one assigment is to go to Nsude Udi and ask yourself what is the pyramid doing in UDI.

22. That was part of the reason why ENUGU was chosen as a capital.

23. So Lugard the first governor general of the ZOO knew where we came from and yet they said we don't have a history.

24. The reason why I spent time is because I don't want our people to be like some animal from the Zoo.

25. Before Israel was created our star was already there in 1914 and Israel only adopted theirs in 1948.

26. Lugard was asked, why did you add the star of David in the ZOO flag design he said is because of the igbos, that they are Jews.

27. Anybody who rejects this star on our flag, I am going to prove it to you that there is a Fulani blood In your blood.

28. The new israel was founded in 1948 and our star was founded in 1914, which one is much older? And who copied who? You are rejecting what you don't know.

29. Tonight I am going to prove it to you that all of us are igbo if you don't like it, you can go and drink poison.

30. So you think that Britain can just come and add the star of David without a reason, is that what you think?

31. The reason why that star is there is because it is indigenous to Nigeria, and that is why Britain decides to add it there.

32. I want to prove that we are all igbo, that's where I am going to right now.

33. If you trace your history, who are you related to? Igbo is something that band us together.

34. Why are we CIRCUMCISED on the eight day after we are born, am sure some of you don't know.

35. Britain don't CIRCUMCISE on the eight days, only in israel and Biafra. If they are, can you show me anywhere on this earth where their male child are circumcised on the eight day?

36. The circumcision on the eighth day is the sign of the covenant of God.

37. I told you what Britain did, suppress the truth, that is what Zuckerberg is doing, suppress the truth, and yet it didn't stop israel from standing.

38. Fulani impregnated your mothers and they gave birth to Rubbish.

39. All of you Efulefu you can't escape it. If you want to see what your life will resemble in few years from now, look at the Hausa people.

40. All of you that ganged up against Ojukwu, see what your life has become, as well as the British, Britian will break up into pieces

41. You have now seen that Ojukwu is a visionary, what Ojukwu saw some of you never saw it. He said let everyone stay on their own, now you all are going to suffer, until you all in the ZOO beg Biafra for forgiveness.

42. Those of you that fought against Biafra are you not today fighting for your dear lifes in your villages?

43. Bokoharam has once again hoist their flag in Borono and there is nothing any of you can do about it.

44. People who even claimed they are the elite they are even daft.

45. And this is where we come to the end of this broadcast, to you Biafra might be just a nation, but to us, Biafra is more than a nation, it is our Religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, and Chukwu Okike Abhiama is our God

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