RISE AND CONSOLIDATION OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA.Another important reason why Nigeria May soon join other countries that broke up in the 20th and 21stcenturies like the Soviet Union,Czechoslovakia and Sudan

Another important reason why Nigeria May soon join other countries that broke up in the 20th and 21stcenturies like the Soviet Union,Czechoslovakia and Sudan; is IPOB and the response of the federal government of Nigeria to this group. This group is determined and will not let go off its agitation until its objective to restore Biafra is achieved.
This group is more than a fly that has settled on the scrotum of Nigeria. The supporters of IPOB stretches from Igbo land to Igbanke, Igala, Ikwerre, Opobo, Eket and Idoma in the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

Remember we talked about the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafrain the previous chapters?
We emphasized that Ralph Uwazulike through the establishment of MASSOB reawakened the Biafran subjection of the eastern region by the federal government of Nigeria. It was founded on the30th June 1999. Because it was the first group that challenged the status quo which under the democratic setting greatly impeded the growth of the whole eastern region economically and politically, many Igbos quickly connected toMASSOB. A lot of people joined Ralph Uwazulike,they chanted old Biafran songs, hoisted Biafran flags and protested the injustices against the Igbo people since 1999.

Also we noted that the response of the various governments in Nigeria against MASSOB fueled the spread of the group`s ideologies within and outside Nigeria. It was virtually known as the first Igbo nationalist movement in modern Nigeria. When internal disagreements set in within the leadership ofMASSOB, Uwazulike was accused of robbing shoulders with the mainstream politics in Nigeria. That became more serious after Uwazulike was released from prison in 2007.

MASSOB accused him of an outright sell-out and refusal to further the cause of Biafra. As the rift continued, Benjamin Igwe Onwuka formed his own group and called it Biafran Zionist Movement in 2012.

On the 5th November 2012, during a rally in Enugu, Benjamin Onwuka and most of his members were arrested by Nigerian security authorities. Towards the end of 2012, the remaining faction (mainly members of the two groups) created another group known as the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).At the foundation of IPOB, not many people knew the group except for those who saw MASSOB evolved into factions.

Nnamdi Kanu revived Radio Biafra which was a propaganda news outlet used by the Republic ofBiafra from 1967 until the end of the civil war in1970. The ascension of Nnamdi Kanu as theDirector of Radio Biafra brought a new wave of the movement for the freedom of Biafra into fire in 2012. The radio transmitted via satellite from the United Kingdom.
Radio Biafra popularized IPOB as the new movement for the actualization of the struggle for Biafra.Radio Biafra did not wage physical war against the government of Nigeria, it only exposed the injustices in the system. The methodology of Radio Biafra through Nnamdi Kanu was to engage the people of Nigeria with the current imbalance in the system and the need for people to rise up against the Fulani government in Abuja. It was sensitization program meant to expose the evil of Nigerian politics and politicians.It was a psychological warfare which was intended to expose hidden secrets between Nigeria and its colonial master Britain. From 2012 till 2015, which was a period in human history when the internet became another campaign ground for everyone to voice their concerns, IPOB tapped into that opportunityand made Nigeria`s local shady politics a global attention
.1) It began to talk about the imbalance in the federal structure in Nigeria. It branded Nigeria aZoo where animals rule with no guidelines.

2) It began to expose the colonial agreements between the Hausa/Fulani and the British government prior to the independence of Nigeria starting with the wrongful amalgamation of the different peoples in 1914.

3) Through Radio Biafra, IPOB began to sensitize the people of the old Eastern Regionon the need for them to amass strength and pull away from the enslavement of the Hausa/Fulani government in Aso Rock, Abuja.The revival of the old Radio Biafra by IPOB wasanother medium to constantly attack and dismantle the pillars that held Nigeria together.
Through the radio, Nnamdi Kanu began to talk against corrupt political office holders in theregion who stood against the development of South-East. By 2015, more people in the diaspora and in Nigeria were connected to IPOB`s message of freedom.It was easy for people to identify with IPOB`smessage because it talked about the oppression of the eastern region in the political process in Nigeria. By the end end of 2015, IPOB had become ahousehold name in Nigeria.
To further aggravate issues, the government arrested Nnamdi Kanu on his return to Nigeria on the 14th October 2015 . He was charged with treason and detained alongside other members of IPOB. Onwards from 14thof October 2015, the international community would come to know IPOB as the apex group fighting for the independence of Biafra in Nigeria.Until 2015, IPOB`s ideologies towards the struggle for Biafra became evidently more different from MASSOB`s and BZM`s perspectives.In his previous broadcasts, Kanu declared that his ideologies were based on Martin Luther KingJr`s and Mahatma Gandhi`s political views of non-violent movements and election boycotts.In his words, he said, “I hope that what we are looking for can be accomplished peacefully. I am an advocate of passive resistance. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr tried it to very good effects, so why should it not work in our case?”
In the first years of the re-introduction of Radio Biafra into the digital world, Kanu used it as an organ to expose the weaknesses of the Nigeria government. Its weekly transmissions became a distant learning center.

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To be continued ...........

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