The rise and fall of Eddy Nawgu "Alusi N'eje Uka" "The Deity Who Goes To Church".He could defy the rules of Physics and had the ability to teleport that is he supposedly could instantaneously move from a point A to a point B regardless of distance

Edward Onyebuchi Okeke is popularly known as "Eddy Nawgu” amongst the igbo people. His other sobriquet "Eddy na Nawgu" came about because he was from the Nawgu community, a town situated in the Dunukofia LGA of Anambra.

Eddy Nawgu was also known as "Alusi N'eje Uka" this literary when translated to the English language means "The Deity Who Goes To Church".

During the mid-1990s in Onitsha, Eddy Nawgu had started to grow famous as he had some how managed to gather a good percentage of followers, who thought of him as a charismatic religious leader and also it seemed the "Prophet" kept to his words as tales of how he had enriched and bettered the lives of various individuals began to spread.

In the year 1999/2000, Eddy, the self-proclaimed prophet of God had become a person of interest in numerous crimes committed not only in the community, but across Anambra state as a whole. As a result, he had begun to attract the attention of the Bakassi Boys; a vigilante security group which was invited to the state under the tenure of Chinwoke Mbadinuju, former governor of Anambra state, as anarchy had soaked deep into the land.

The Bakassi Boys weren't like any other vigilante group because they supposedly harnessed very great "metaphysical powers" to aid them in intercepting thieves and law breakers in general.

Eddy Nawgu had been accused of kidnapping, aiding & abetting infamous criminals, partaking in rituals involving use of human body parts, i.e. (the human skull) illegal possession of firearms and human sacrifice. This took him to the top of their "most wanted list".

The Bakassi Boys who had been credited for being able to apprehend every defaulter of the law with minimal effort due to their supposed "metaphysical abilities" had come to meet their match when they failed 13 times in attempt to capture Eddy Nawgu, and when at their wits end, they thought it wise to invite their supreme leader named, "Ngwuro" to help in the capture of this menace.

The capture of Eddy Nawgu was indeed difficult because the self-proclaimed prophet was a sorcerer who allegedly could defy the rules of Physics and had the ability to teleport that is he supposedly could instantaneously move from a point A to a point B regardless of distance. As a result of this, his apprehension was tagged the most difficult for the vigilante group. Not until the intervention from their leader "Ngwuro" who managed to strip the sorcerer of his alleged mystic abilities were they able to finally capture the self-proclaimed prophet of God.

Eddy Nawgu, when apprehended on the 14th trial by the vigilante group, was taken to their base of operation for further questioning and interrogation. His release to the Nigerian police was vehemently opposed as the Bakassi boys argued the police could easily be influenced.

High-profile government workers and officials allegedly interceded for the release of Eddy Nawgu as reported by the head of the vigilante group, Mr. Ngwuro. Although the names of these officials were never mentioned, it wasn't impossible that this sort of request was made by the elite individuals in the Nigerian society as the Nigerian media had severally reported long before he was captured that Eddie had become closely associated with a good number of influential persons.

During his stay as prisoner in the operation base of the Bakassi Boys he allegedly made startling confessions and acknowledged he was guilty of human sacrifice. The number of people Eddy Nawgu killed according to his confession was a total of 93 persons.

On 9th November 2000, he was beheaded and had other parts of his body cut in little pieces by the Bakassi Boys after which all the parts were gathered together & set ablaze at the Ochanja Market in Anambra state, Nigeria.

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