Revolutionising Health with Rass & Rosh Extra Virgin Coconut oil keeps you admirable, adorable, alluring to every eyes.Its delightful to give it a try

Extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) has numerous health benefits whilst good for our skin & hair.When ingested,  the EVCO is converted to ketones, a source of food  for the brain that helps rescue neurodegenerative  diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, as well as improving cognitive functions in growing kids. Besides this, it improves digestion and bowel movement, prevents constipation  and hemorrhoids.It's rich in Lauric Acid helps increase good cholesterol  (HDL) thus improving cholesterol ratio.EVCO also gives instant energy without causing insulin  spikes hence improving the body's use of insulin, stabilising insulin levels & reversing Type 2 Diabetes. It also acts as an antioxidant & natural antibiotic,  EVCO helps to protect skin from aging effects of free radicals, restoring youthful looking skin.When EVCO is absorbed,  it nourishes tissues in the skin & helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Also great at preventing stretch marks on pregnant mothers  & increases breast milk.

Why Rass & Rosh is different is because the process adopted is the Improved Centrifugal method which uses absolutely no heat in any stage of the process.This process utilises  the most advanced machines to meet the strict standard of extracting the purest Virgin Coconut oil. The method we use simply extracts the oil out of the meat & milk within 2 hours of opening the nuts. Another major achievement is the removal of gum found in the coconut oil,  hence we manage to extract the least viscous,lightest & freshest Raw Virgin Coconut oil.

● No Chemicals solvents
● Improved Centrifugal Method
● No Trans Fat
● No Refining
● Low Glycemic Index
● High Smoke point
● High in Lauric Acid
● High in MCTs
● No Hydrogenation
● Non GMO

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