THE SERMON AND MAGIC OF 20 POUNDS AND OTHER MATTERS...It was intended to create a generational almajiric poverty pandemic but it failed

Someone asked me, is it really true that after the civil war, Nigeria made a law and the only thing Igbos were entitled to was 20 pounds, no matter how much they had in the bank? The answer is yes, it is so cruel that sane people would doubt it.

 It was intended to create a generational almajiric poverty pandemic but it failed, we reached deep down our inner man, "perspire to acquire" and we rose.

What that meant is this, averagely, Igbos were rendered so poor, so miserable that they had to start afresh with just 20 pounds in 1970, immediately after the civil war.

Today, if you must maintain over 80% of the cars in Nigeria, you are over 90% sure of paying to Igbos as they are everywhere providing your car spare parts needs......from 20 pounds we rose!

Today, if there are 4 Nigerians in diaspora making Nigeria proud, in invention, in academics, in every human endeavor, you are 95% sure that 2 out of the 4 are Igbos.....from 20 pounds, we rose

Today, if you must build, you are over 70% certain of paying to Igbos, as they are scattered everywhere rendering services of making building materials available....from 20 pounds, we rose!

Today, if you feel too good with yourself that you want to change your electronics, ICT gadgets, phones.. etc, there are over 50% chances you will be paying the Igbos.....from 20 pounds, we rose.

Today, probably looking at  half of your wardrobe, there are 50% chances you  paid directly or indirectly to Igbos....from 20 pounds, we rose!

Today, if you are tired of government failed healthcare system, there are 50% chances that your need of private  medical care will be provided by Igbos.....from 20 pounds, we rose.

Today, if you are able to afford your medications provided by indigenous pharmaceutical firms as against the CUT THROAT price of multi national brands, there are over 70% chances that Igbos are meeting your need.....from 20 pounds, we rose!

If you must watch movies, there are over 70% chances that we will be on your faces....from 20 pounds, we rose!

If you must watch Nigeria entertain you with football as national pride, there are over 60% chances that Igbos are the one making you happy.....from 20 pounds, we rose!

If your Olympic team must make sense, there are about 50% chances that you have embraced Igbos....from 20 pounds, we rose!

See, you can no longer destroy Igbos without rendering Nigeria eternally colourless. Yes, you can't destroy Igbos again.

They say we boast and gloat, if your ancestors passed through what ours passed through and in a little above 5 decades, you rose to where we are, your boast will be more than ours....besides, boasting is not a "sin" punishable by death, hate or hunting down.

We are no longer begging for survival, we are stamping our feet that we will no longer apologise for being Igbos.

You might not like our boasts, you might not like our noise, is that not little a price for the colour we add to Nigeria?

Look around you, tell me the truth, if Igbos are removed from your immediate environ, how colourful will that your environ still be? Your doctor, your football star, movie star, pharmacist, pharmacy, private hospital, petty traders, spare parts supplier, building material supplier, music stars, cloth and shoe makers...etc etc?

We add colour to what is remained of Nigeria.

We are not actually your problem as you have been deceived to believe, we are  largely a pool of solution you swim in without knowing.

We are Igbos, we survived the Nigerian Holocaust and genocide!

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