Specially to Nigeria aka Giant of shame and Other Countries: Plus you that is supporting evil governance Gradually this plague is exposing you all

Gradually this plague is exposing the country. For 50 years we have been begging our leaders to shun greed, stealing and tribalism but they refused. We begged that the nation be fixed but they turned deaf ears. They were focused on their pockets for their children and unborn generations. Now the stolen funds are useless.

They cannot fly out and we cannot as well. Our hospitals and infrastructures are totally and shamefully dilapidated. Pathetic. Worst is that our reserves are empty and fully drained. All of us will suffer it together. Moment of truth is here. After this epidemic we shall collectively decide how to run this country.

Perhaps by the time we are through with this scourge and ravaging, nature would have helped us to press the reset button. A lot of big people are around now by force.. There is no London or America to rush to for headache. Some of them will taste death as well. Yes. They will. it is already happening. Gwagwalada hospital and Yaba hospitals are now premiums yet lacking in facilities instead of Dubai, London, Germany, America, India and China. God truly has a way of fixing Nations!. We must have sense by force. Koboko from heaven is busy with our buttocks. The time is 1 am. Wait till it gets to 6pm.

Fix education, pay teachers well and equip our institutions no. Rather you send your kids to the best schools in the world
Fix health sector and pay doctors well never. Rather you fly around to cure headache.
Fix security, pay officers well and restructure everything mba!
Fix infrastructures no way. Everybody from beginning to the end kept raping this country and her resources.

We kept politicising everything. What a shame of a country. We must get sense by force. All of them are now in hiding. They are now importing their children. The rich is now crying. We shall all pay the prices for neglecting the poor masses. we shall feel the same pain that they have been feeling for 50 years. Oh yes. Payback time is here.

You inflate contracts and siphon money.You kept pocketing funds that will make Nigeria great. Politics and leadership became the juicy occupation for many. Payback time is here. Your billions will not save you. From top to senate to governors we shall pay the price painfully.

For 50 years we begged for good life but your greed blindfolded your brains, senses and eyes. You refused to listen to the cries of the masses. Both the big and small and even the downtrodden will suffer and you will get sense by force.

No more kidnapping
No more ethnic and religious cleansing
No more armed bandits
No more herdsmen
No more BH
No more religious biases and tensions
No more flying to London to buy Ice cream or jetting out to Dubai for a weekend or even to France for hitch hiking. All of us will now sit here and enjoy the scourge of Coronavirus. Oh yes!!!!
We are now at peace abi ? That thunder that has been doing press up has finally landed.

So far there is no vaccine and no cure yet this one will brush us up and throw us into the gutters. We have been praying for Nigeria in Distress both in churches and mosques. Now God has answered the prayers in His own ways. That koboko has become real.

By the time we are done Nigeria will become the dreamland that we have always wanted to the glory of God.

To the World:
Yesterday the Italian Prime Minister came on the television amid tears asking the world to look to the skies and seek God. Yesterday a Spanish priest wept so bitterly and decided to travel over 15 km in streets blessing people with The Blessed Sacrament. People left their houses and came outside to be blessed. Drivers parked their cars and trucks to receive blessings. Amidst my emotions I started talking to myself inwardly.

So Italy now wants God at all costs? Eh? Few years ago the West started approving some obnoxious laws. You banned religious activities in every sphere of life and approved LGBTQ and abortion. You stopped going to Church. All you in the West thrashed God into the dust bin and desecrated His laws of life. You now come out to ask for prayers?

America through Obama lost their senses. Even in the midst of this scourge they were busy at Miami celebrating Gay Pride. What a people!!

As for the Asians that never understood what God represents, the scourge will bend you all to testify to the Truth about the Almighty God the creator of heaven and earth!!

I am glad that gradually we are beginning to receive sense and acknowledging the presence of a Supreme Being. We were living a life of liberalism and ignorance forgeting that Someone Above Owns the world.

If you do not do these the plague will continue. Keep trusting your scientists and your brilliant professors. Even if this goes eventually and we still become stiff necked more damnation awaits. Jesus is the ultimate Physician. Only Him can heal.

ISIS is calm
No more world super power
Enemies are now helping enemies.
Everybody is now calling for prayers. For once there is peace in the world to the Glory of God.

You must get sense by force. Sanity must be returned to our brains by fire by force

Suddenly nobody is thinking about business. Nobody is planning when to travel. Nobody is busy reading for an examination. Nobody is saving for vacation. Clubbing is not even coming to mind. Some people have even ignored their boyfriends/girlfriends. Our communities that were overpopulated have suddenly been rid of hold ups and congestion. No more rushing to work and catching the early bus.

Earning a degree is no longer the priority. Spending lavishly on parties is no longer a trend. Hotels and brothels are shut down. Gluttony is now frowned at. People now have a sense of management.

We now understand that going to church is not the same as going to God.

Money has become useless to the rich! Wealth has failed the wealthy. Corruption is exposed. The powerful is rendered powerless. Fathers now understand what it means to have a family. Some mothers have understood how risky it is to place their children above their husbands.

People now realise that above the hustle and bustle, it is life that matters. That is the most important thing. That, and how we care for and look after those around us. This is the time when many will learn to love unconditionally. Some politicians will turn a new leaf when this is all over. Don't get me wrong: I said _some_!

Cleanliness will be studied in schools, and mothers will teach their children to be neat.

Some pastors will learn that it is better to build men than to build blocks: of what use are those beautiful edifices now when your members don't even feel like today is Sunday? Education will no longer be a do-or-die affair: professors are in their rooms now, their certificates and degrees totally useless. We will now learn to depend and check on each other: do you see how many _stay safe_ messages you have received?

I'm not sure if convid-19 is the handwork of men or a divine arrangement. But one thing I know: when this is over, a little sanity will be restored to the world and the world will move back a few centuries, when men hadn't lost their sense of being human.

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