Nigeria and the ASO ROCK Remote control, The late Chief of staff was the remote control to that TV in Aso rock

My brother, which government are you talking about?  The Presidency is now like a TV without remote.

 Before the demise of the almighty Chief of staff, the Nigerian government & its presidency was like using an old JVC TV used in the 1970s, in a modern age.  You will need to go outside to set the antenna in order to get any signal. That was the situation we found ourselves then.

 The late Chief of staff was the remote control to that TV. At his pleasure, he’d package the president, tell him what to say for a few minutes and we will all be happy and keep hope alive having seen the little signal.

 on any other point, as pleases him, he’d package the actor from Sudan who comes out to showcase all he has practiced in Aso rock as president Buhari, and we will all clap and shout   ‘Sai Baba’.  All na packaging. But as mumu country, we’d keep on celebrating,  at least the president was seen on TV.

   But now that the Remote Control has expired, this aged, dilapidated, ancient television can’t function at all. I am doubtful that the new Chief of Staff will be able to function adequately as a good remote control because you cannot use a new Samsung remote control on an old JVC television, you know it can’t work.

So let’s not expect much to change for good now as we will not be getting any signal from that TV so soon because our good old general can’t function to capacity on his own without his well-beloved Chief Of Staff.

 And, on the other hand,  Jubril his body double actor from Sudan is in a rather confused state because his film director and producer who also doubles as his manager is no more. Maybe the series has come to an end or we may be watching the last episode.

  Don’t expect much signal from our presidential television because the remote is no more.

I live in a country where there's 24/7 power supply, I've never seen anything like low voltage (low current in Nigerian term), the light never blinks nor go off even in a second, if my flat is owing light bill, the power regulatory company 'll off my light alone not the entire building like it's done in Nigeria ooo... and you'll never see their staff in your door step coming to demand electric bill like it's done in Nigeria, once your light is off, you'll go by yourself to their office, clear the bill and pay re-connection fee and your light is back again. I've never heard that someone is electrocuted to death, why? Because you can't even see their cables, everything is buried underground and in the walls.

For many years I've been here, I only go to the toilet to pass faeces, I don't know where they go to, no soak-away, they don't get filled up, that's a standard sewage system.

There's nothing like borehole here but water flows 24/7, where they come from, I don't know 🤷‍♀️, I only use them... that's a standard running water.

The salary and illiterate without WAEC is earning here, most graduates in Nigeria don't earn it that's for the few that are opportune to be employed.

The traffic lights here are functioning, the accident rate here is very very low, there's nothing like traffic wardens here like it is in Nigeria where a police officer 'll hop on speedy vehicles, endangering his life and that of other road users.
Here we have raders mounted everywhere, if you over speed or disobey their traffic rules, an alert of fine 'll just enter your phone immediately, no stress... if I should write down what my eyes have seen in this country, I'll cover a whole text book.

Now do the comparison yourself, can Nigeria ever reach this stage of development?
Of course no. Can I afford to bring all my family, friends and well wishers to this country? Of course no. Can I live here for the rest of my life? Of course no.

Then I said to myself, it's better I join hand let's have a country like this to call my own, since it's not possible in Nigeria because of our diversity.

You're a Yoruba man, why don't you mind your business and leave us alone? Your sisters are being auctioned at $1000 in Lebanon, just within a space of two weeks, your brothers are forming one million boys, looting people's shops because of hunger, fulani herdsmen are sacking villages in Ondo state and other Yoruba states raping and spilling blood unabated, your women are now beggers with babies on their back while your men are cooperate beggars, the youth are armed rubbers and Spiritualist, the building of 17th centuries are all over Yoruba land, your graduates are not employed, no hope, no future , all the aforementioned ain't your problem but Biafra?

Oh wicked soul, when will thou repent and think of your miserable lives than pock-nosing?

You created the defunct Amotekun, all of us stood by you, until the owners of Nigeria threatened to cripple the economy of Lagos by building Warri seaport if you don't jettison the idea of Amotekun, you got no choice than to surcuum, yet the killing of your people by the fulani's is still ongoing.

Why not think of how to free yourself from this cage than work tirelessly to pull another down?

Why mocking us😭 as if you're better than us, don't you see that as stupidity?..................

Why why why,? My heart bleeds for myopic uninformed wretched Yorubas that sees nothing wrong with the way Nigeria is, oh ye slaves that mistook thy chains for bracelets, I weep for you😭.......

(c) Public Opinion  from Esther Okokon

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