The UN Security Council. 02/02/20 UN Headquarters New York. Attention: President of the US President of Russia President of the EU International Court of Justice Dear UN Security Council, Nigeria: Going up in Flames

We couldn't pretend any longer that there's no ethnic cleansing going on...
We just couldn't continue to pretend that there is a determination to rid the extreme North of Nigeria of Christians and Christianity.
The rate at which Christians are being eradicated in the North is alarming.
...whole Christian communities are often attacked and razed
... whole Christian families killed or captured by the islamists
...churches fire-bombed at will
... Christian clergies kidnapped and beheaded at will
... Christians separated from Muslims in schools and other public places and summarily shot
...then some state governments in the North refuse to approve new churches being built
...some state governments approve the demolition of existing churches
...the denial of government appointments to Christians
...the near tacit support of the decimation of Northern Christians by the federal regime!

So while the Boko Haram, ISWA and Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are determined to wipe out Christianity in the North and the Middle Belt, the state governments make their lives miserable! We are now constantly regaled with horrific videos of the killings, kidnap, rape and extermination of Christians in Northern Nigeria!

Both the governments and the Terrorist groups seem to be in agreement, that Christianity should be eradicated especially in Northern Nigeria!

But why is the world silent?
Where's the United Nations in all this?
Why don't we agree to make Northern Nigeria an Islamic el-dorado?
Why is Southern Nigeria not officially separated from Northern Nigeria by an act of the United Nations so that there could be some semblance of sanity?
Why are we waiting for the genocide to expand before we act?
Why are Western countries too shy to single out Northern Nigeria as a unique, semi-autonomous country and label them for what they are: a Terrorist Haven?
Why does Southern Nigeria get punished for the actions of a Terrorist-loving Northern Nigeria?

Dear United Nations, kindly convoke an emergency meeting of the Security Council to make a policy statement on Nigeria... kindly make a policy that the hitherto One Nigeria be immediately separated to the Northern and Southern regions. Kindly send in United Nations forces to occupy the whole of Northern Nigeria and the Middle Belt to stop the ethnic cleansing and this islamization. We call upon all peace-loving countries to step directly into the affairs of Nigeria now! Things are degenerating at alarming rates and it might not be long before the country would go up in flames. When the guns start booming, we would all regret that we didn't act when we ought to have!

Dear UN Security Council, do your job! It's time to take a hard stance on Nigeria... occupy the land; and divide it!

Thank you.

Hapless Citizens of Southern Nigeria
Endangered Christians of Northern Nigeria.

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