THIS IS NIGERIA TODAY SARO WIWA DIED FOR FOOLS There are northerners with degree in history working as managers in NNPC while graduate of petroleum engineering seats @Home

1.Akwa Ibom-504,000-bpd-32%
2.Delta....... ..-346,000-bpd-22%
4. Bayelsa......290,000-bpd-18%

               THE  NORTH
1 Malami Shehu-MD/PH Refinery. -  NORTHERNER
2 Muhammed Abah-MD/Warri Refinery -  NORTHERNER
5 Usman Yusuf-GMD/STA-Tech -  NORTHERNER
6 Ahmadu Katagum-GGM/Shipping/Down Stream -  NORTHERNER
7 Kallamu Abdullahi-GGM/Renewable Energy -  NORTHERNER
8 Shaibu Musa-MD/Medical Services Limited -  NORTHERNER
9 Ibrahim Birma-GGM/Governance -  NORTHERNER
10 Faruk Ahmed-MD/Product/Marketing -  NORTHERNER
11. Mohammadu Buhari - Petroleum Minister - NORTHERNER

           THE SOUTH-WEST
1 Adewale Ladenegan-MD/Kaduna Refinery
2 Adeyemi Adetunji-MD/Retails
3 Bola Afolabi-GGM/Research/Development

            THE SOUTH-SOUTH
1 Roland Ewubare-Group G/M
2 Diepriye Tariab-MD/IDSL

          THE SOUTH-EAST = 0
Oil Wells or Blocks in NORTH = 0

There are 77 Oil Wells and Blocks in the country. There are 15 top managerial positions in NNPC. Akwa Ibom State has nothing to justify her enormous wealth despite the fact that 504,000 barrels of crude oil amounting to 50.4 million dollars (over 18 billion naira) is been extracted from the State every day while we live in polluted environments and survive eating crumbs from our wealth. Solomon wrote: "There is an evil which I have seen under the sun as an error...the rich sit in low place...princes walking as servants upon the earth". ( Ecclesiastes 10:5-7)

Today if you offer a young graduate of petroleum engineering employment in Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs or in the national museum at Oron, he will role on the ground to thank you, but there are northerners with degree in history working as managers in NNPC.

There are 77 Oil Blocks and several Oil Wells in Nigeria. Some are owned by government officials and others are owned by private individuals.  For reason of space they cannot be detailed out. But for the purpose of insight, let's consider one of the Oil Blocks in Nigeria owned by Alhaji Mai Daribe from Bornu State. Alhaji Daribe inherited OML110 Oil Well estimated to hold 500 million barrels of oil. If the value of crude is put at 100 dollars per barrel, the reserve is estimated to value 500 billion dollars. After taxes, duties & other royalties payable over time, the family of one single individual is sitting on a wealth worth over 20 billion dollars. This is more that the annual budget of the whole nation. Meanwhile the community where the wealth is situated is wallowing in protracted poverty.

 The problem we have in Akwa Ibom is we often bring this kind of home grown politics even into core and visionary base business decisions. If you read the National News Track of June 5, 2018, you will see how we often devour our selves. But we can still over come all these sentiments if we learn to appreciate what is our own.

Whether Exxon Mobil plans to relocate her corporate H/Q to Uyo or back to Texas after the completion of the 21 story business complex or not, the on going project is crucial to the development of an industrial base for the State. The edifice on completion will serve as a hop for Foreign Direct Investments in Akwa Ibom, compelling the International Community to see the State as a well package destination for corporate investments. Mobil Plc is not the only oil company doing business in the State. There are many well established international and indigenous oil, gas and construction companies who are in dare need of befitting corporate offices and if Akwa Ibom State can create a hop by housing these companies in one single structure, the purpose of the building must have been achieved. The vision will also help mitigate the socio-economic challenges associated with foreign investments in Nigeria including the risk pose by kidnappers and the 419s'. We must

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