THE FIRST 15 RICHEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD: From Forbes Magazine 2019.Thoes who said the are not Igbos should be left alone 70 Million Igbos is good to go

1. QATAR - $88,222.00 PPP - Purchasing Power Parity: As you can see, Qatar is the number 1 richest country in the world. At 11,000 Km2, Qatar is less than Imo and Abia states (put together) in size. So my dears, it is not always about the size of a country. Qatar is also 'landlocked' and a desert. Qatar's population na just 2 million people (mostly foreign workers).
2. LUXEMBOURG - $81,466.00 PPP. Only 500K people in population (not up to 1 million people). At 2,500 Km2, Luxembourg is half the size of the smallest state in Nigeria, Anambra state (Anambra state is 4,800 Km2). Again, as you can see, over-population and massive landsize do not often count.
3. SINGAPORE - $56,694.00 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. Gained independence from Great Britain in 1965. Five years after useless Nigeria! 5 million people in population!
4. NORWAY - $51,959 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. 5 million people.
5. BRUNEI - $48,333.00 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. 400K people.
6. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - $47,439.00 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. 9 million people. Mostly foreign workers.
7. USA - $46,860.00 PPP. Almost the size of a continent with only 300 million people. One state in the USA can be 2 times the size of Nigeria.
8. HONG KONG - $45,944.00 PPP. 7 million people. At 1,104 Km2 it is not even one-fifth the size of Anambra state, the smallest state in Niger Area!
9. SWITZERLAND - $41,950.00 PPP. 8 million people. Smaller than Biafraland. Landlocked country.
10. NETHERLANDS - $40,973.00 PPP. 16 million people.
11. AUSTRALIA - $39,764.00 PPP. A continent with a population of just 23 million.
12. AUSTRIA - $39,761.00 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. 8 million people.
13. IRELAND - $39,492.00 PPP. Smaller than Biafraland. 4.5 million people.
14. CANADA - $39,171.00 PPP. Almost a continent with a population of just 35 million.
15. KUWAIT - $38,775.00 PPP. Much smaller than Biafraland. 3 million people. Mostly foreign workers.
As you can clearly observe, Nigeria is unnecessarily too big. Big for nothing country and MUST be divided into more manageable sizes.
Please make this go viral.

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