God's Battle Ax The trouble now is it appears Trump is going no where. Nnamdi Kanu is prepared. He has the discipline and wisdom Breakup is imminent. And it's God.

Nigerian maximum rulers do not appreciate the fact that Barack Obama and the Clintons are no longer at the White House. Recall that time how Obama, fronted by John Kerry took turns visiting the Caliphate and having meetings with northern cabals over change in governance. Obama decided that Nigeria was good to be the Africa home for all Muslims. Jonathan must be eased out, and an avowed pro jihadist leader, Buhari, should replace him.

All northern governors were invited to the White House for a meeting with Obama and others involved in the grand plot. The ever naive south kept mute while all these were going on. The south imbued with self destructive characters volunteered willing allies to the caliphate alongside armies of social media cheer leaders. The north easily had their way. Jonathan, having no real backing internationally chickened out. Not even leaked report involving INEC chairman, Jega, and opposition party leaders in Dubai could spur Jonathan to action. No amount of persuasion to sack Jega, following that evident complicity, convinced him. Jonathan was like a man resigned to fate at one end. At the other end he felt like a man who have already achieved more than he dreamed of. He cared not what the outcome.

Today Buhari have pursued that islamization agenda with unflinching commitment. The first thing he did after assuming office was lobby to secure a visit with president Trump. The visit was made. Trump stressed in a very clear term that the former arrangements is unacceptable. Persecution of Christians won't be welcomed. Buhari, like many others, was convinced Trump won't last in office. He had assurances Trump will be impeached and Hillary will become president by some stroke of uncommon legal technicalities. Recall, during the US election campaign that rumour filtered out that Buhari donated half a million dollars to the Clinton campaign. So in spite the obvious Buhari pressed on with the Islamisation plan.

The trouble now is it appears Trump is going no where. And so much have been let out. While Islamists make plans to take over the world God have his own plan to destroy satanic agenda. Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Boris Johnson couldn't have risen at a better time. They are God's trinity to counter these evil forces. They are God's battle axe - the arrows of God. How they emerged is still a wonder. Brexit is a divine arrangement to confuse well oiled plan for Islamic take over of Europe. God is involved in removing conformist and liberal leaders of all strong countries.

Men who understand that Islam is the greatest threat to world peace are going to take over many powerful countries. Nnamdi Kanu is prepared. He has the discipline and wisdom to know what's required of a strong progressive nation. I doubt anyone can stop him now. The church have failed but there's a third force rising in the horizon. While we think it's all about politics, Islam thinks it's all about religion. Unfortunately for northern Nigeria, it's too late to back off now. Breakup is imminent. And it's God.

By Christopher O Evans

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