Why the Python Danced,Abuja was in panic...the Caliphate was in panic...the so-called leaders that employ the ugly Constitution to devastating effect were in panic! Mr. Kanu was attacked in his Afara-Aku home...without provocation, without constitutional reasons!

Many of us were not overtly concerned with the activities of IPOB back then. Much as we appreciated what they were saying and the need to put an end to the scam called the Nigerian Establishment, we did think they were being histrionic!

Then the Python Dance thing happened!

Even the most hitherto unconcerned citizen of the old South East was infuriated! What the hell was that for? The brazen attack on the leader of IPOB got even his most ardent critics to empathize with him! Yours sincerely was just a happy-go-lucky analyst pre-Python Dance. I was so psychologically affected by the unwarranted, unnecessary and ill-advised criminality that I couldn't think straight for days! Why was that attack necessary? Whatever the hell for?

...so a few days ago, a young but sharp analyst, submitted his research on the Python Dance.

We were stunned!

The rhetorics of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu had resonated with millions of people across Nigeria. There was support for his preachings even in the South West and the Middle Belt. His caustic method and vitriolic speeches were worrisome but they were having the desired effects. Hundreds of thousands were turning up for his rallies and the political gladiators of the old South East were running scared. Yes, and the irredentists of the Caliphate looked on in consternation as Mr. Kanu and his IPOB commenced an awakening! The South West and the Middle Belt started discussing the theme of his preachings in closed meetings!

Recall that there had been behind-the-scenes seeming negotiations aided by Mr. Orji Kalu. Mr Kanu and IPOB had given conditions for dropping the agitation for secession of which the most profound was the total restructuring of Nigeria to reflect the ownership of the country by the constituent nations, true federalism, equity and regional control of resources and destiny. Well, these demands (using the dates) led to the promotion of the El-Rufai Report on Restructuring...and a few others.

Senators, governors, and other political gladiators started discussing 'restructuring'. The topic enveloped the polity for months as Mr. Kanu held sway from Afara-Aku!

Then the Saraki-led Senate brought the issue of restructuring to the floor of the National Assembly titled 'Devolution of Powers to the States'. The devolution of powers was effectively 'restructuring' and the abrogation of the 1999 Constitution! And it was on the floor of the Senate! The Battle between the Abuja Government and the Constituent nations of Nigeria had just turned a corner...the constituent nations might just have the 1999 Constitution destroyed forever and a true Constitution of the People established with the autonomous regions!

Abuja was in panic...the Caliphate was in panic...the so-called leaders that employ the ugly Constitution to devastating effect were in panic! Who the hell is this Kanu dude and his rabble-rousing IPOB to force the issue with their narratives?

The Hegemonic Nigerian Establishment had to put a stop to this movement and the waves of constitutional sanity had to be brought to a halt! So the Alhajis met with their minions from the South! They decided to 'cut off the head of the snake and see the body flounder'!

That was when the Python was asked to Dance!

So Mr. Kanu was attacked in his Afara-Aku home...without provocation, without constitutional reasons! The attack was hinged on 'Homeland Security'! That was essentially ridiculous as IPOB was only verbally violent but really harmless in practice!

Well, Mr. Kanu was effectively chased out of Nigeria via the unwarranted attack on his home! With the attack, the Abuja Government made the right noises about dealing decisively with 'trouble makers'. And the debates about 'restructuring' came to a very screeching halt! The El-Rufai Report was conveniently forgotten, the National Assembly seemed relieved they were no longer on the spot so discarded the debate, the governors heaved a sigh of relief and continued the Treasury Rape of their states, and the ordinary citizen had to return to the silly games of the APC and PDP!

My dear Friends, the seeming insanity of the Python Dance was not insane after all; Mr. Kanu was not attacked for any threat of violence or something. He had to be stopped because his narratives and his movement were causing most people to see the Nigerian establishment for what it was....

A Fraud!

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu very nearly, and almost single-handedly, with his IPOB group, cause a constitutional revolution! He very nearly caused the 1999 Constitution to be set aside and for sanity to reign! He very nearly pulled it off! And he might have...if only...just if....

So the secret of the Python Dance has been laid bare...it was to put a stop to the renegotiation of the fraud called Nigeria! The criminals that benefit from the current abomination would have none of it. So they sent the Python to Dance, hinged it on National Security...and the rest of us were duped!

It was so close...we were very close...but we never realised it. The Dance of the Python was a RUSE! And most of us fell for it! Now we pay a very heavy price for our shortsightedness....

A young analyst opened our eyes to see the ruse...

We must still #rejectThe1999Constitution despite all! It is #restructureOrBurst to have our #autonomousRegions. The current scam is destroying us all!


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