The Igbos Owe EKWENSU an apology. EKWENSU is not SATAN, LUCIFER or DEVIL. Millions of Igbos in various churches today are busy allegedly destroying EKWENSU with their holy ghost fire.

If you're one of them and you're reading this, I'm afraid you've wasted your time and energy in what can best be described as exercise in futility.

EKWENSU is one of the great and popular Igbo deities, together-with the likes of ANYANWU, ALA & AMADIOHA.

Ekwensu is known as a trickster, cunning, aggressive, violent, deal-breaker, crafty at trade negotiations, he's the God of war and victory who rules and fights the chaotic wicked spirits.

The Igbos invoke the energy of EKWENSU when they want to go to war, or in difficult mercantile situations. EKWENSU troubles no one, he's a covenant keeper, and an obedient servant who only works when called upon, just as his name suggests (Ekwe-Nsu).

The early western Christian missionaries who had no understanding of Igbo cosmology, cosmic system and spirituality succeeded in supplanting the beneficent qualities of EKWENSU and managed to misrepresent EKWENSU as SATAN. They succeeded in convincing our people to believe that EKWENSU is the same as their biblical fairytale lucifer, who was chased down from their mythological heaven. EKWENSU was then demonised by a people who did not know anything about our culture and believe system. And most of us, all our lives have been brainwashed into this false ideology and believe.

The Europeans that helped you in demonising and destroying your cosmic system, cosmology and deities, take a look at them, they've venerated their own deities, today in every Igbo or African home we and our children watch movies on Hercules, Odysseus. We read the Greek Illads, we call our daughters Diana & Artemis. The goddess Britannia and Columbia are on most monument in the UK and America respectively.

It might interest you to know that the nine planets except Earth are named after European ancient gods (Greek & Roman gods)
1) Mercury : Romans god of travel
2) Mars :Romans god of war
3) Venus :Romans goddess of love and beauty
4) Jupiter : king of Roman gods
5) Saturn : Romans god of agriculture
6) Uranus : Ancient Greek king of the gods
7) Neptune : Romans god of the sea
😎 Pluto: Romans god of the underworld
9) Earth : ..........

You may also want to know that most foreign companies are named after their ancient gods and heritage, for example Trojan and Nissan. These people understand importance of history, heritage and culture, they find a way to venerate and keep the relevance of their ancient heritage and identity.

But to us Igbo and Africans we call our heritage demons, devils and diabolic, not because they're inherently diabolic, but because someone from thousands of miles away with little or no knowledge of your heritage told you they're demonic, justifiable by a book (Bible) they wrote and gave you.

As for me I believe in EKWENSU and the energy it represents, and I consult and utilise the energies he possesses, like bravery, trickery, aggression, shrewdness, loyalty etc. My and our EKWENSU is not the Christian mythological Satan who goes about causing trouble and mischief and who will dwell in your allegorical hellfire.

Today, EKWENSU has been vindicated, and we owe him an apology. When next you're praying and mentioning EKWENSU in the belief that you're 'holy-ghost-firing' Christian Satan or Lucifer, I put it to you that you've been brainwashed.

Written by

Sunday Chimamkpam

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