Psychological manipulation of IGBO Christians by Criminal Pentecostal preachers.IGBO CHRISTIANS WAKE UP THE ARE SCAMMING YOU

Few days ago,A popular Yoruba Pentecostal preacher bought a Helicopter worth #2.5B and same pastor dolled out over #700M to repair Roads in YORUBA LAND.

This particular Preacher has majority Igbo people as members, but what do we benefit or profit from such unfruitful associations?

I really pity Igbo people who waste their resources on such a pastor and his Organization.
This pastor isn't alone on this.

There are many Pentecostal preachers and G.Os who are manipulating Igbo minds in their churches in order to sustain their criminal enterprise.

All they want is your Tithes, donation, First Fruit and offerings. These rogues don't care about our well being as a people or Region.

That's why none of these Pentecostal preachers headquartered in Lagos-Ogun has any meaningful investment or structure in our homeLand, yet millions of Igbo people are enriching them.

What's the logic of putting resources in an organization that doesn't promote your well-being.

These pastors are the biggest sabotage to our Nationhood.

Let me share some insight on how these schemes are going on.

1)They've convinced many of their Igbo members that we don't love ourselves!.
2)These pastors are the propagandists of anti-Igbo Unity.
3)These Pentecostal preachers have prompted many igbo minds to withdraw from Umunna and Umuada system engagements by brainwashing them about " the Brother in Christ" narrative and that spiritual brotherhood supersedes Umunna.
4)Many Igbo Pentecostal hardliners don't participate in communal activities anymore , forgetting that communalism is our biggest Unity strength.
5)These pastors discourage Igbo meetings by scheduling after service fellowship during weekends.

This conflicts with our Igbo meetings in cities,and of course many Igbo people head out to church fellowship hoping to meet with "brethren in Christ"

6)Our town unions has been rendered ineffective!,
Growing up as a child, Igbo community Town Union and Age grades in cities contributed heavily to Development in Igbo land by constructing drainages, electrification and building roads. however today it's all gone.
Our money ends up in "Daddy in the Lord's purses", who is probably planning to buy a new private Jet.
7)Many igbo Pentecostal members are discouraged to attend Igbo festivals like New yam cities they're being told that it's idolatry,
8)lack of thinkhome- the biggest non Home thinking Igbo people are Pentecostal members, who have been brainwashed into "Village people" narrative.

My heart was broken when an Igbo man of Christ Embassy invited me to his daughter's traditional marriage in Lagos.
There are many cases of Sabotage within the ranks of these criminal enterprise gangs.
UmuIgbo wake up these men don't give a Damn about you, your people and Region.
It's all about your money.

Today we donate billions of dollars to them.
Lagos-Ogun has attained significant amount of development at expense of our region.

With over 50 million Igbo Christians , think of an IGBO nation whereby our money is repatriated home not sending them into daddy G.O gang who lives fat.

Our grandfathers partnered with Missionaries to build schools and hospitals in our Homeland.
What have we done in the last 40 years despite being the largest Christian and non Islamic bloc in Africa? we only enriched rogues!

I boldly say that any Money you pay into a religious organization which doesn't reflect on Igbo land is a waste.

I make no apologies for that..

©️ Mazi David Chinedu October 2019

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