Onitsha: Over 40 houses, 500 shops razed in fuel fire mishap How woman who was childless for 16 years died with her baby – Eyewitness

Fleeing woman, baby slip, burnt to death Youths rally to save elderly, women, children from being burnt Absence of fire fighters, equipment worsens destruction

Many people were trapped and feared dead, yesterday, while scores of persons sustained injuries in Onitsha, Anambra State, as a petrol-laden tanker lost control, crashed into Toronto Hospital at Upper Iweka, along Enugu-Onitsha Expressway and burst into flames. The incident, which occurred at about 12 noon, is the second tanker accident at same spot, that had claimed over 50 lives this year.

The latest victim among others, who lost their lives, was a pregnant woman and her three-year-old baby strapped to her back.

According to an eyewitness, the woman had escaped, but went back to her shop to rescue her money. The source stated that the flames, which followed the flow of fuel in the drainage, touched wooden bridge to her shop and as she stepped on it on getting out of the shop, the wood caved in and she fell into the drainage with the child on her back.

Efforts to rescue her proved abortive, as the flames leaping out of the fuel-filled drainage scared off sympathisers. The fire from the explosion also consumed about 40 buildings, affected over 500 lock-up shops along the Iweka Road Street Market and spread to Ochanja and Menax markets.

The incident, which sparked confusion among residents and traders, reportedly occurred when the tanker laden with petrol lost control opposite Toronto Hospital Onitsha, while descending Zik Roundabout end of Onitsha- Enugu Expressway and veered off the service lane, with the fuel tanker pulling off the truck head and spilling its content, which caught fire.


Property and goods worth millions of naira were destroyed at Ochanja Market, while a commercial bank was also touched as the fire passed through New Auto Spare Parts Market, down to Iweka Road and to Emodi Street by Zik’s Avenue, burning all the shops along the road.

Trading activities were halted at Upper Iweka, Ochanaja, Iweka Road to Ozomagala Street, as traders shut abruptly with the flames surging higher, as the fuel flowed down the streets. But for the intervention of youths, who climbed up three and four-storey buildings, the casualties would have been much as trapped old men, women and children in most of the buildings were rescued before the ravaging fire caught up with them. 

‘No fire station’

A resident, who spoke with us, said the fire started around 10a.m. and for the two hours the buildings were on fire, there was no fire-fighter around. The resident added that none of the markets in Onitsha had any functional fire service station, as people watched helplessly as their houses, shops, goods and flats got burnt.

Another eyewitness, Jude Okezie, said for the resilience and courage of some youths, some elderly people including children trapped in over 10 buildings, ranging from two, three to four-storey buildings along Iweka Road towards Ochanja Market, would have burnt to death as smoke almost suffocated them before rescue came their way.

There was mild drama at the scene when the youths, chanting anti-government slogans, forced two sewage tankers taking faeces to dump sites to assist in putting out the fire, but with little success as the fire continued to blaze towards Ochanja Market.

As the youths were chanting anti-government songs, a fire service vehicle, said to have come from Asaba, appeared with water, but the angry youths, thinking it was from Anambra State, started throwing stones at it, destroying the wind screens, making the driver and two occupants to return to their base.

The crowd became uncontrollable as efforts to put out the fire manually continued with collection of water with buckets from a bore hole on the street with a pastor, who owns a filling station, supplying detergents and fire extinguisher for the youths to put out the fire moving through the gutter. At press time, many youths were seen putting up spirited efforts to put out the fire, with many throwing sachets of pure water into the heart of the fire in a futile, but  desperate attempt to stop the inferno.


Some of the victims at Ochanja Market, Agbo Romijus, Fabian Onah and Jude Nnamani whose goods were completely gutted by fire, told us that the fire incident took them unawares. They rained curses on men of the state fire service for not making any attempt to visit the scene with their equipment, even as at 6p.m.

According to them, they were sitting in their shops not expecting any danger when suddenly the flame burst forth in front of the shops and quickly spread into their shop from the wares displayed outside. One said: “We lost everything we have laboured for in life. We are finished and no hope to overcome this incident.”

 Jude Nnamani, who was weeping uncontrollably, said: “All my goods were gutted by the fire. We are passionately appealing to Governor Willie Obiano to kindly come to our rescue, because we have families and dependents and now we have no other hope.” There is fear that more human casualties may be recorded following the number of buildings affected and their proximity to each other along the Iweka Road, leading to Ochanja Market.

Latest report has it that a woman, who lost life in the tragic incident was said to have been childless for 16 years, until early this year, when she had a baby, who also died in the fire disaster.
Speaking with our correspondent, one of the victims, Chukwuka Okeke, a neighbour to the woman, described the tragedy as unfortunate but avoidable.

“The woman was already rushed out of the shop with her baby but she suddenly went back. She slipped off in the process and fell inside the gutter which was already in flames.

“We were in our shops when I got the call that there was fire burning at Upper Iweka. Though, we saw smoke going up from a distance, nobody could believe it would extend to this place.

“For over three hours, we were perceiving the smell of petrol probably mixed with gas from a distance as it flowed through the drainage until the whole thing went up in flames.”

Okeke said the woman, whose husband also owns a shop in the city, just had the baby early this year after 16 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, three dead bodies of traders in the market were on Thursday recovered from shops that were gutted by the fire.

Traders, who constituted themselves into rescue groups discovered the dead bodies in shops at the Ochanja market.

One of the rescuers, who spoke with our correspondent on condition of anonymity, said he suspected the two of the bodies being girls were trapped when others ran away from the fire on Wednesday.

He also added that another body of a man was recovered from another shop.

He said, “We also recovered the body of young man in one shop. His body was not torched. We suspected he must have died of suffocation. The bodies of two salesgirls were were discovered in one shop.”

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