THE APOCALYPSE The Apocalypse, coming sooner than expected.The Nigerian nation continues to live in self denial, the Nigerian nation continues to pretend that all is well with her

The Apocalypse, coming sooner than expected.The Apocalypse foretold by many, rejected by few. The Apocalypse, Hurricane will be a childs play, Tsunami will be a toy.

The Nigerian nation continues to live in self denial, the Nigerian nation continues to pretend that all is well with her.
There's serious danger in the land, Things are falling apart almost beyond measure. The level of wickedness, bad governance, ethnic and religious tension is taking a frightening dimensions.

The leadership appears to have no solution, blame game and excuses is all they can offer. The followership is confused and helpless. The nation boils every day, the market square is silent, the grave yard is noisy, sun shines in the thick of rainfall, the moon appears at noon, major roads are deserted, pathways are busy.
The pregnant is not in labour, the barren gives birth every day. Nigeria the grace you carry is now a disgrace.

The nation Nigeria is sitting on keg of gun powder, make no mistake about it, the center can not hold. Evil men are teaching us righteousness, Ignoble men are teaching us nobility, dishonest bunch are teaching us honesty. The police are now anti corruption messiah, the military is teaching us civility.

Nigerians, the bulge of pregnancy is not hidden for long, Nigerians every murderer must make a mistake, and each one unfolds the other. Nigeerians, be on your guard.

The Apocalypse is here very frightening, the killings are much,human blood flows like rain water, from Benue to Taraba BLOOD, from Nassarawa to Zamfara BLOOD etc.
They call them Bokoharam, they call them fulani herdsmen, blood everywhere, situation is critical, no easyway to further.

The Economy is in total shambles, hunger and starvation is our common identity, the children are out of school, parents are losing jobs, youths cant get jobs, recession they called it, but devastation, frustration, depression, inflation, stagnation and rejection is the outcome.

The Apocalypse is here, the level of corruption is astonishing. Corruption is now a graduate. Our common heritage is being looted with reckless abandon. Individuals are getting richer, why the nation is getting poorer. They fight corruption, not to win the war, but to create a Berlin wall around our come heritage, thus reducing the number of participation and increasing the number of loot per participant.

The opposition are baptized wailers, so they are, yes they wail, old wine trying a new wine skin. They know the problem, they have been there, they did nothing, they are aware the problem doesnt lie in leadership but structure, they are aware that the country exits on fraudulent structure, they are aware that Nigeria was an error of judgement by Lugard and his British imperialist. The opposition is looking for power, not for a reformed system. The opposition is looking for another round of the national cake, not for genuine and honest baking of the cake. Non is pushing for a renegotiated Nigeria. Non wants the Nigerian question to be answered, they are comfortable with statusquo, using hunger and starvation as a tool for subjugation.

The Apocalypse is here, the present leadership takes Nigeria for a ride, their insincerity is unparalleled, their nepotism is classic, their incompetence deserves accolade. They see Nigerians as cowards , they see Nigerians as lazy, they see Nigerians as bunch of clowns, they celebrate our misery, they spit on our grave. They hound dissenting voice and voices into submission. They lie about everything, they spend more time inventing lies than looking for solution. They are the worst thing in Nigeria's political and democratic evolution. They are bunch of structured evil men without conscience, they are the real catalyst for the eventual Apocalypse, God have mercy on their demonic and unrepentant soul .

The Apocalypse is here, the ethnic nationalities and power blocks are confused, stomach infrastructure dashed out their ruptured brain to lucifer. They are struggling between call for a renegotiated Nigeria and call to stuff their pockets with crumbs from the master's table.They make noise every day without a corresponding push for a possible new Nigeria. They are the Ohaneze's , the Arewa's ,the Afenifere's, the Pandef ,the middle belt forum etc. They are another major catalyst doing a red carpet reception for the Apocalypse.

Bob Marley, blessed memory opined, 'how long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look ' ?

Nigeria without mincing word's the future is bleak, very bleak. I am not a prophet of doom. We may not avoid the Apocalypse unless we do the needful. We may not avoid the impending Apocalypse unless we talk to ourselves. The 2019 election is a time bomb, conducting that election without National Dialogue will be the beginning of the end and the final catalyst that will herald the APOCALYPSE.


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