Mugabe was knighted in 1994. This honour must be seen for what it truly was. It was an attempt to buy his conscience so he will sell out his people.

The reason I say this is because after Mugabe refused to sell his conscience and after he fell out with the British government, they turned around and accused him of human rights abuse including the genocide of his people back in the 1980’s. But how can you be the champion of democracy and still knight a man you accuse of the genocide?

2007 - Mugabe was stripped of his knighthood after he refused to sell his conscience.

Mugabe went from being a hero to a villain. In contrast, Nelson Mandela who had been dubbed a terrorist by the same people died a hero. Very simple reason - he agreed to a settlement that saw the socioeconomic system of apartheid era remain in place. As a result, he was rewarded with the presidency of his country and a Nobel prize but the lot of black South Africans is largely unchanged.

The Undeclared War on the African

What a lot of people do not understand in Africa is that there had always been plans to keep the Black Countries weak, poor and perpetually disorganized. In fact, there were plans to reduce the population of the Black Africans and if possible, exterminate them and occupy their lands.

This is not limited to South Africa but an undeclared mission of the more racist 1st World Caucasians.

In the 1970s, there was a secret program in South Africa to explore the use of racially selective biological agents to reduce the fertility of the Black African. The research was extensive in South Africa and trials were carried out. Different exotic diseases did sprout in that era and some ARE actually racially selective. A certain Dr. Galloe (can't readily recall the actual spelling of his name) alluded the laboratory creation of the Types 1and 2 HIV viruses that seemed to spread more among African populations.

The advent of the UN, ICJ and global outrage at human rights atrocities has rolled back the near open mission against the Blacks. These entities have since adopted other means of subjugating the Blacks and these seem more effective:

1. Prop obnoxious regimes
2. Encourage dictatorial democracies with weak and useless constitutions
3. Foreign control of elections
4. Sponsorship of coups
5. Propping of constitutions and systems that would never allow development.


6. The proliferation of drugs among the Black Population.

Dear Sir, these things are obvious and our researches have revealed that these entities are active in these countries. The proliferation of drugs among the Blacks has greatly weakened us and has made more among the Black population useless to themselves and the community.

These things are obvious all over Africa and more obvious in Haiti, Jamaica, South Africa, the Black Communities in the USA, and more.

All they do is to prop up some uncommon structure, and some so-called leaders, keep some sort of stability, have partners among the leaders of those countries, and proceed to freely loot the countries and destroy their people with drugs!


Drug addiction is lower among the Aryan and Mongoloid populations

Aryan and Mongoloid countries are better positioned than African and Black countries

Aryan/Mongoloid countries have better systems than Black countries.

The destruction of the Black and African countries is ably aided by the political class of those countries. The continuous prevention of the savvy from politics and leadership is a gambit more from beyond Africa using Africans.

The Drug and Prostitution problems in South Africa are deliberate policies of destruction of the Blacks in that country. And many countries do not know any better...

All the racial entities require is to provide the fodder with which we would self-destruct. The numerous wars in Africa were financed from outside Africa. Just observe the situation in Nigeria; we are inexorably gravitating towards a war. The international community is watching but absolutely no one has invited the different belligerent parties to help resolve and negotiate. As we speak, armament companies all over the world are hoping for hostilities to break out so they would ship arms to ALL parties. Yes, we would mutually destroy one another while the interested entities in the West would pick up the pieces! It happened in 1969 and the Oil Fields were negotiated off to Britain, France and the USA to defeat Biafra and keep the oil in for the exclusive exploitation of those countries. Who supplied the arms for the war?

Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Zamfara Bandits, etc have been killing in tens of thousands! Biafran agitators are serially murdered by the government, Shiites are routinely gunned down. Yet there is a UN Organization that doesn't see these things? Seriously? Think again!

Dear Friends, the destruction of the Black African is a global mission by the Leftists of the Deep State in 1st World Countries...ably aided by Black Africans...and their ridiculous constitutions!

...then the Africans turn on themselves!

That is why we wail...


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