The Johan de Witt Treatment given to Mr. Ekweremadu is an eye opener ,Do we need to disgrace our politicians before they truly realize that everyone is tired of their games? Watch the full film

Mr. Johan de Witt was a good man. He was a champion of regionalism in the Netherlands, a weak centre and brought tremendous maritime trade to his country. He helped the Netherlands to be rich and comfortable.

But he neglected the Will of the People on the need to build a great military. Despite his successes on the Economic and Political fronts, he was a military disaster! And the Netherlands suffered three consecutive humiliating defeats. The People were angry!

In 1672, the citizens attacked himself and his brother Cornelius; killed them, and ate them! The Johan de Witt Treatment.

It is absolutely dangerous and extremely stupid for politicians to keep ignoring the will, feelings and the aspirations of the people! It is dangerous to ride on the back of the people to leadership then do nothing while the people have their backs to the wall.

What do you think has been my preachments all these years? What do you think #restructureOrBurst means? It is immaterial whether we like the Ekweremadu Treatment or not; it is the People fighting back already! The refusal to restructure is leading to bursting! And it's happening before our very eyes! We may not recognize it for what it actually is! Our people say that while the cricket is being roasted, others say it's just emitting oil; na roasting dey happen so!

Mr. Ekweremadu was Senate VP for two tenures..
Mr. Ekweremadu has been in the Senate for 19 years...
He did not fight for constitutional overhaul...
He did not arrange a walkout...
He did not rally Southern Senators to challenge the Constitution...
He helped to maintain the Peace of the Graveyard on the South...
He kept silent while the South and East were being attacked by Fulani Terrorists...
He did not protest the human rights abuses of Buhari's Army of Terrorists...
He was complicit in inviting a python...
Then adorned the coat of arms of the Fulani
And walked unaided, to seek for trouble...

The Bible says that the Simpleton sees trouble and walk into it. The wise sees trouble and flees! Why wasn't Nnia Nwodo at the venue?

Mr. Ekweremadu was unwise, and his lack of wisdom brought him tears! The right or wrong of it is immaterial; when the People decide your case, you're done! And in time, they shall decide on and for all the politicians that do nothing in the face of tyranny.

I have no sympathy for Mr. Ekweremadu; I see him as a very unwise person. And most that masquerade as political leaders are far removed from reality, and I'm afraid that the Johan de Witt Treatment awaits many of them! Shall we #restructure now or we #burst?

Those that help to maintain the despicable system that kill the People, are the very Enemies of the People!


Do you recall when our Biafran brother Barr. Chile Osuji was appointed as the President of ICC? It was this same Ike Ekweremadu that was sent by the Nigerian Government to pay him a visit, and few weeks later Barr. Chile visited Nigeria and Sen. Ike Ekweremadu received him; took him to Aso Rock where he was bribed by the evil duo and the Cabals of the Terrorists Government Of Nigeria.

And the next thing we saw was the invitation of Buhari by ICC to be honored before the world to deliver a lecture on Human Rights.
Meanwhile, this is a man with more than 150 count charges on Human Right Abuses Before ICC's desk as stated by the same ICC and since then the whole case against Buhari before ICC died off completely.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump who understood the evil display of the leadership of ICC and told them to their face that they are criminals and that he will place a sanction on the new parliament of ICC if they continue in this manner.

This same Sen. Ike Ekweremadu was the same one the ZOO Govt sent to sparehead a meeting with Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and South East Governors to summon Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the intention to bribe him into dropping the Biafra Agitation. And When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu refused, they Proscribed IPOB Terrorists Organization and called for Python Dance-2 to assassinate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his family with IPOB members.

He has steadfastly continued in his lip service to Biafrans and our collective interest as a people for his selfish gains.
If not, tell me, why would Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, a presupposed leader in Biafra Land wear a dress with a Nigerian Coat Of Arm Insignia on it to such a significant cultural event such as "Igbo New Yam Festival In Germany".
He's simply indicating to us where he belongs.
In fact, they did not beat him enough


IPOB will not come after you without a verified intelligence report on your activities against our people: Read below

"I have kept dead silence on his issues for a while...He is selfish and self serving. This is a man that drew a budget for the construction of five Youth Development Centers in our constituency. One for Ọgwụ, one for Achị in Oji-River, One for Mpu our hometown, one for Ezeagu and one for Udi.

"The facility was designed to accommodate skill acquisition centers and recreation facilities. These centers were built and left to rot. The one in Ọgwụ was abandoned. The one in Achị was handed over to Nigerian Civil Defence Corp. It is now their property. The rest of the facilities are dysfunctional defeating its goal and objectives. But, this is not the problem.

"The issue is that Sen. Ekweremmadu WENT BACK AGAIN TO CLAIM 120 MILLION NAIRA FROM FG FOR THE YOUTH CENTRE AT MPU OUR HOMETOWN. He converted it to a technical school. The other four facilities outside his hometown were not accounted for.

"Sen. Ekweremmadu is my representative. When people hail him, I feel they don't know him very well. Is he not DIKE enough to make a case for OJI RIVER POWER STATION? It was generating 10MW when it was installed by white men. After the civil war, it was upgraded to generate 30MW. This facility stopped operation since 2004 but Sen. Ike

"Ekweremmadu's stay in the senate is as old as democracy in Nigeria. This power station can be upgraded to generate more and to serve his constituency. But, no.
What about the Oji-River - Ọgwụ - Aninri Road? Sen. Ekweremmadu received over 13 billion naira for the said Roads. He spent 9billion on 16.4km from Ọgwụ to Aninri (our hometown) done by Setraco and mapped out only 4 billion naira for Oji-River to Ọgwụ which is about 38.4km (nearly 40km). This part he handed over to Master Holdings, a company that could


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