World Igbo Congress rejects, in its entirety, the idea thrown up by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, to set up a vigilante group in the Southeast. Indeed, World Igbo Congress considers this idea as a brazen effrontery and extremely provocative.
World Igbo Congress calls on all Diaspora Igbo as well as all Diaspora organizations, who must, by now, be feeling stung by this declaration of war on the Christian people of the Southeastern Nigeria and their neighbors. Organizations such as IPOB, LNC, ADF Ekwenche and numerous others who have attempted to go it alone in the past must see the urgent need to band together in a synergistic manner in order to stave off the looming disaster. Notable Nigerians, past and present, such as President Olusegun Obasanjo, Professor Wole Shoyinka, Gen T.Y. Danjuma etc. have raised alarm over the fast-tracked degeneration of Nigeria with the devilish schemes of Nigeria’s President Muhamadu Buhari who is transforming his fellow Fulani nomads into a deadly jihadist force in the name of Boko Haram and the gun-toting “Fulani Herdsmen”. There is documentation of mayhem, anarchy and brigandage in Nigeria in the wake of the federal government-sponsored dastardly acts of these so-called cattle breeders. The Igbo have been at the receiving end of the killings by the Fulani Oligarchs since 1945, a situation that has persisted with cycles of killing of these 50 million Christians of the southeast. Make no mistake about it, Rwanda and Southern Sudan, of recent memory, will pale in the face of the ominous genocide coming the way of the Igbo. World Igbo Congress calls on the Christian World and all believers in democracy, rule of law and self—determination to not sit idly by while Buhari and his fellow Fulani unleash mayhem on the Christian Igbo, the proportion of which has never been known in history

Over recent years, the Governors of the Southeast (With the exception of the recently elected Governor of Imo State) have taken it upon themselves to act suggestively as agents of the Fulani and the marauding “killer “Fulani Herdsmen”. Currently, they are fiddling while “Rome burns”. Their velvety reaction to the provocation by Miyetti Allah suggests that the Igbo are on their own. At the worst, it suggests that they are in cahoots with the rampaging Fulani. World Igbo Congress calls on these governors to be aware that as the supposed Chief Security Officers of their states, their number one allegiance should be to the people they are supposed to be protecting. They must rise and unequivocally drive these marauders from our land. They must revoke any lease they have already given to these killers and jihadists forthwith. By their actions, they have shirked that responsibility in a manner that is tantamount to betrayal leading to loss of confidence.
As Ohanaeze has said, Ndi Igbo must now know that these governors are not their friends. All Igbo must rise to “defend our heaths or we shall perish”. The terrorist Fulani Herdsmen and Miyatti Allah ought to be proscribed forthwith by the Federal Government and prevented from operating in the southeast… but no, they must be shielded and IPOB that hurts no one is being vilified, hounded and proscribed. The Igbo has had enough. The Igbo must now take their own fate in their hands. We know we fought the civil war for the same reasons that we now have the sword of Damocles over our heads.

The Igbo are a peace-loving people who wish no harm on even its adversaries. The vigilante of the towns of Igbo land protect every one as there has never been any report of any threat to any none Igbo in the region. Which is why we believe that the request by Miyatti Allah is a veiled attempt deploy Fulani army to slaughter Igbo Christians because they have all along rejected Islam.
Diaspora Igbo, danger lurks and we must rise with all the resources within their control. We must tackle this scourge ones and for all. World Igbo Congress calls on all Diaspora Igbo to respond to this message with an email to to be directed on how to be part of the movement for the preservation of the Igbo and Igbo land. You may also send contributions to Igbo Preservation Fund (IPF) at Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT CODE: WFBIUS6S, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3328361823, ROUTING NUMBER: 061000227. You may also click on this link to be connected to the IPF.

We must provide resources for our groups that are already making headway in the fight. We must provide the critical mass needed to leverage our efforts with international organizations and friends.
Professor Anthony Ejiofor

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