This Judiciary of Shame

With the inability of the Nigerian Bar Association to rise to the occasion but sit back, pretending not to observe as the judiciary has been castrated, it shows that even the NBA has very little regards for the Law upon which they swore.

Despite the fact that the 1999 Constitution is obviously non justiciable, at least the NBA ought to have provided some measure of stability and counterbalancing to the aggression of the Executive, and the blatant disregard to the Law!It is our belief that the NBA is no longer useful (if they ever were) and the Association has apparently lost the respect of all.

We therefore recommend that the Nigerian Bar Association should self-proscribe and all lawyers, barristers, solicitors and counsellors should hereby stop paying dues, stop attending meetings, and dissolve all state chapters and the national Secretariat converted into an orphanage!

All practicing lawyers should seek other endeavors in life as the legal profession has been brought to a total state of disrepute!It is the Judiciary that should protect the people as the last hope of ordinary citizens. Since this is no longer possible in these climes, all the Law Courts should be shut down and converted into Shopping Malls! The judges should be sent home as it doesn't seem reasonable for us to keep paying them money to sustain Injustice!

The campuses of the Nigerian Law Schools should be closed down too as the continued existence of such institutions is a monument to the Propagation of Injustice! The Law Schools should be converted into Ruga Settlements...the Lagos Law School is unsuitable for Ruga though; that should be converted into a Shoprite Mall.

It is time we quit the pretense of having a Judiciary; we believe the Judiciary is not useful in any way whatsoever in these climes. All lawyers and judges should become herdsmen or Ruga Administrators for completeness.

Also, any lawyer or member of the bench that fails to comply with these directives should be gang-pressed into the Nigerian Army and promptly sent to the Sambisa Forest to combat Boko Haram; they would be more useful there than aiding and abetting the Propagation of Injustice and the Ridiculous in Nigeria!

Technically Speaking...๐Ÿ˜ญ
Malam Tanko was confirmed as the Chief Justice of Nigeria yesterday...

On the floor of the Senate, he was asked a question about 'technicalities' in Law...

He had no idea what 'technicalities' meant in Law...

He recently presided over a judgement that was deemed worldwide as 'bizzare'...

In that judgement, Senator Adeleke was denied his governorship based on 'technicalities'...

Malam Tanko delivered the judgement based on 'technicalities' he knows nothing about...

The Senate confirmed him as the Chief Justice of Nigeria!

Malam Tanko constitutionally has more of his brothers in the Senate so the confirmation was a done deal...
Dear Friends, if we don't kill the 1999 Constitution, it would certainly kill us all!

Technically, my gate man understands the Law far more than Malam Tanko..
Dear Friends, it is time to recall the British to recolonize us! Obviously, we are incapable of self-rule!

Chineke! What is this? What in tarnation are we doing? What exactly is taught in the Nigerian Law Schools? Let's privatize this country and be done with it! Chai! It's so humiliating...

Please, don't #thinkAgain...let's simply mourn.

Nigeria is a tragedy!

May illiterates not sit in judgement of you in Jesus name

Lawlessness is Constitutional

It is claimed we run a federal system, right? As a result, some persons, including seeming lettered persons, claim that the Constitution isn't the problem. I get exasperated at that...

In a federal system, there must be federal laws, state/regional laws and municipal laws. Each of the levels of government must have her own judiciary and unique Law Enforcement Agencies.

In this confusing non federation, could someone inform us which laws are federal and those that are of the state? And who enforces what?

There's are no delineation of Laws!

Since we do not have the Delineation of the Laws, a SINGLE police system was made for the whole country with diverse peoples, cultures and beliefs! In fact, they expect us to act the same! ๐Ÿคฃ

To worsen it, they made Federal High Courts, State High Courts and Magistrate Courts. Ordinarily, these courts should attend to different laws made by different Congresses. But they made them without delineating the Laws! A confusing jumble of legal insanity was established...and they named it Nigeria!

As things are, the Nigerian Police could arrest one for whatever in Onitsha, whisk him to Abuja, charged to a Federal High Court in Abuja, while his Lawyers apply to a State High Court in Awka, Anambra State where that court rules that he should be freed on bail, while the Federal High Court in Abuja rules that he be sent to Kuje Prisons. Meanwhile, the Magistrate Court in Nkpor near Onitsha claims jurisdiction! Meanwhile, the victim doesn't even know exactly who's laws he broke! ๐Ÿ™„

Now, someone somewhere in the Police, or an Attorney General somewhere is in breach of the Contempt of the Court...but which among the 3 courts would claim 'contempt', and which particular police division or unit would be charged for contempt? And who actually would be saddled with the job of arresting the ones in contempt? ๐Ÿ˜€

It's pure insanity! And that insanity was instituted by that uselessness claiming to be the 1999 Constitution! And what do we do? We file out every 4 years to endorse that joke when we all should be fighting to ensure its death! ๐Ÿ˜ข

Any smart crook would beat that Constitution! It is an insult to us all to have a Constitution dedicated to the Establishment of Lawlessness as State Policy!

Who would want to do business in such climes? How could we serve up such an ugly system then pray for investors; foreign or local? How? Damn! ๐Ÿ˜ข

My Dear Friends, we don't have a Constitution! That's why we live like Wildlife in an Evil Forest here! Be gone with that Book of Lucifer already!

My beloved brother, I'm still trying to absorb the CJN Tanko issue. 
Tanko did not have credit in English language, yet he gained admission to study law contrary to policy, he was admitted to law school without screening and called to the bar,  became a judge and became the CJN.
I now remember how many of our secondary school mates had credit in Yoruba language and credit in 4 other papers but couldn't apply for admission into the university because they lack credit in English language hence got their dreams of going to university blocked.
Can you recall how many times millions of our poor secondary school mates paid and sat for GCE before they secured credit in English language in order to be admitted into the university? 
Yet, a Tanko became the CJN and talks about a plane being driven by a driver and the same Tanko will preside over cases at the Supreme Court and award the rank of SAN to applicants.  
We are simply unequally yoked in this country. I trash Nigeria where anything goes. This is why I insist this gifted marketer and many more including me are in the wrong country where mediocrity is king over intelligence; where intelligence must cringe and stop its upward  development to enable mediocrity rise to meet up first. It is our collective potentials that is being caged by those with limited intelligence. We cant move at our fast pace because it will be politically incorrect to outpace them just because we share an artificial country together. 

My dear brother, I am presently in Jos  training thousands of uneducated youths from the North East who have been exposed to violence and killings so as to recalibrate them mentally to fit into a civilized society. 
I see them looking like mud statutes as if their time is being wasted with our effort. 

When our parents and leaders in the south sacrificed immensely to pay for our education, their parents and leaders couldn't even imagine their children in school.
And there are millions of Tankos still out there who believe they are born to rule. 
There is need to tame this fraud called Nigeria otherwise the rot will continue on ground of ironic political correctness. 
The Tankos cant determine my political correctness at all. 
I believe optimism has its limitations too. Nigeria is such a big shame really.

#thinkAgain and reject the 1999 Constitution of Insanity!

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