HOW JEALOUSY DESTROYED NIGERIA POWERED BY FEW GREEDY YORUBA LORDS By this time six and five years ago, we were discussing being the largest economy in Africa

By this time six and five years ago, we were discussing being the largest economy in Africa, the best footballing country in Africa, how removal of subsidy could benefit the economy, railway transport system all over the country, how many megawatts of electricity generated, improving education and agriculture ,rice, millet and grain warehouses, etc, and of course, national conference to restructure the system for better management; we had the likes of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Akinwumi Adesina, professor Bath Nnaji, princess Oduah and so forth making us proud and delivering visible results.

And suddenly, some group of maniacs drunk with ethnic and sectional hate, intellectually bereft and shallow, went on rampage, sponsoring dubious lies in the media about phantom corruption and advertising a fake, empty messiah driven by a hidden desire for his long sought jihadism, Sharia law and ethnic supremacist objectives as the saviour who would come to cleans the system. That was it; every little gain made in that era on all sectors disappeared like a candle wax in a jiffy.

Today we are no longer discussing those sectors mentioned above and experts manning them. We are now faced with an ominous danger we warned about four years ago; fulanization, islamization, Sharia law and Ruga settlement. We are rather  discussing how to free ourselves from this obvious monster.

Since 2015, if we are not talking about ranching for cattle, we would be talking about grazing, if not grazing, the number of people massacred across the country by herdsmen, or removing water and streams from communities control and hand them to the federal government and lately, Ruga. We were even openly asked to surrender our lands to herdsmen in order to live, for it is better.

I am glad I lent my voice to warn about this day. History will bear me witness. Ruga is the new threat. Tomorrow should be another threat. It's all about cattles and herdsmen comfort and happiness until it consumes us all. Everything is standing still because of cattle and herdsmen

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