THE MYETTI ALLAH LECTURE TO IGBO GOVERNORS,Who initiated the discussion on the lecture, Myetti Allah or Igbo governors? It is now clear that Igbo governors are sellouts

I have been visualizing the postures of the Igbo governors when the leaders of Myetti Allah were lecturing them, how the governors sat like school children, some supporting their heads with their elbows, some with their hands across the chest and others moping at the lecturer like morons.
I have been wondering how come the lecture took place. Who initiated the discussion on the lecture, Myetti Allah or Igbo governors?
How long did it take for the Igbo governors and Myetti Allah to discuss and close the lecture deal?
Who sponsored the summit, Myetti Allah or Igbo governors?
If the latter, how much was paid to Myetti Allah as consultancy fee?
In either case, did the Igbo governors not discuss the purpose and subject of the lecture before allowing Myetti Allah the chance and forum to make such a proposal?
Before reaching a deal with Myetti Allah, did the Igbo governors consult the apex Igbo cultural organization, Ohaneze and other Igbo stakeholders?
Were the governors aware that the Myetti Allah was declared by the United Nations as the fourth most deadly terrorist groups in the world?

Did the Igbo governors tell Myetti Allah leaders that there was no security in the South East or did the governors feel that there is no security in Igbo land before approving the lecture?
By allowing the Myetti proposal in the first place, are Igbo governors admitting that there was insecurity in the South East?
Was the Myetti Allah proposal part of proactive measures by Igbo governors to tackle the security issues in the South East?

Are Igbo governors not aware of the protracted and ongoing devastations of Boko Haram and other bandits in the North East and West in spite of concentration of army, DSS and police personnel in the areas, yet the Myetti Allah has no Fulani vigilante groups there?
Grapevine reports from the Myetti lecture made more revelations about the slavish subservience of Igbo governors to the lordship of the Myetti lecturer, Alhaji Baba Ngelzarma , secretary of Myetti Allah as he played on the political intelligence of the governors like kids.
To add to the servitudeof Igbo governors, grapevine reports said that at a point during the lecture, deviating from the topic of the lecture, Baba told the sheepishly listening governors with an air of authority that neither Tinubu or anybody from the South West and the South East will succeed Buhari come 2023. No comment or protest from the governors who were all smiles, short of applauding the lecturer.

Apparently realizing he was in Igbo land and may have made a political overstatement, Alhaji Baba quickly recanted his statement, this time telling the governors that the next president would come from South East, in the person of Governor Umahi, the chairman of Igbo governors Forum.
Commenting on why the National President of Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria ( MACBAN) Alhaji Muhammad Kirowa was not present at such an important security summit, Baba made a stunning explanation that their national president was not present because President Buhari was not in attendance, implying that Igbo governors did not meet the status of the Myetti Allah president. What an insult!
If the governors were serious about holding a security summit in Igboland, why would they not have invited Ohaneze with its numerous professors, MASSOB, Igbo Youth Congress, and countless renowned security experts in both private and academic sectors who are more at home with the security challenges in Igbo land.

Yesterday, the Yoruba governors organized a similar security summit and see the array of renowned professors and security experts that were invited to address the summit while our governors chose leaders of a United Nations declared most deadly terrorists. This is our governors’ version of counter-terrorism project that reportedly cost millions of naira paid as consultancy fee to Myetti Allah.
Igbo governors should now bury their heads in shame for their proscription of IPOB which was the height of political naivety and ignorance of the political dynamics of Nigerian geopolitics, when they should have known better on the role of pressure groups in Nigerian geopolitics.
• The OPC in the South West was the major force behind the emergence of Obasanjo as head of State in 1999 a concession to the Yorubas on June 12.

• The Niger Delta militants were the backbone for the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan as Vice-President and subsequently President as a pacification gesture to the people of Niger Delta militants.
• Boko Haram and Myetti Allah played key roles in the emergence of Buhari in 2015 both of which were used to harangue Jonathan all through his tenure and eventually stampede him out of power?
Could it be that the governors were jealous of Nnamdi Kanu and his rising popularity? The time Igbo governors invited Nnamdi Kanu to a meeting at Enugu Government House, after the meeting, the governors took photographs in turn with Kanu. But only weeks after the meeting, the governors changed gear and declared IPOB proscribed even when they had no power to do so.
Funny enough, President Buhari knew the ignorance of the governors and that they lacked the power to proscribe IPOB, hence, the president capitalized on the governors’ action to get the court which alone has the jurisdiction, to declare IPOB a terrorist organization.
It is now clear that Igbo governors are the greatest burden facing Ndigbo today.
Mazi Omife I. Omife
Mbuze Na Mbaukwu

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