HOW NIGERIA WAS CREATED In 1960, various constituent regions agreed to form a Nigeria STRICTLY on the following basis:

1. There shall be regional governments
2. Each region shall control her resources and contribute 25% to the centre
3. Each region shall be equal
4. The Central Government shall be an agreement of all the regions
5. There shall be regional constitutions
6. The system of government at the center and the regions shall be parliamentary.

These agreements, among others were cemented. And the so-called country was birthed.

In 1966, some criminals took over the federal government and changed the very basis of our existence as a country.

By 1967, Mr. Gowon was creating states and destroying the Collective Agreement like the mad man he was; egged-on by the Caliphate masters. In 1976, further states were ''created'. By the 80s and 90s, it had attained an epidemic status whereby criminals were creating and 'recreating' states like it would be out of fashion.

It's 2019 now; and all those criminally-created states are still in "existence"; codified and given legal backing by another criminal document called the 1999 Constitution!

Why ones earth should Nigerians accept the criminal creations, that are a defiance to the Collective Bargaining on which the country was established? Is it not obvious that since the Principle of the Equality of Regions was usurped, we've hardly known peace! Why are we silent on the criminality of those we never elected?

The basis for the existence of Nigeria was on the Agreements reached in 1959 as stated above. If those agreements had not been, there wouldn't have been no Nigeria! But the agreements were breached in 1966; the breach was consolidated in 1967. Worsened by 1979 and a disgrace by 1999. By 2019, it has become an internationally acclaimed tragedy!

In truth, until and unless the original agreements were reenacted and enthroned, Nigeria shall continue to exist as an aberration. As things stand, with absolute disregard for the Collective Agreement of 1960, Nigeria exists as a fraud... And a fraud knows no peace!


52 years ago today,Lt Col Gowon split the country into 12 states and declared a state of emergency nationwide,in an apparent effort to forestall the governor of Eastern region; Lt Col Ojukwu leading his region to secede from Nigeria.The Eastern region was split into 3 states.East Central state,South Eastern state and Rivers state.Lagos was made a full state while the former Mid-West region remained as the 6th state in the South.

The North was also split into 6 states comprising Kaduna,Kano,Kwara,Benue-Plateau,North-Western and North Eastern states.

In his speech announcing the decree creating the 12 states,Gowon said; "I must emphasize at once that the Decree will provide for a States Delineation Commission which will ensure that any divisions or towns not satisfied with the states in which they are initially grouped will obtain redress. But in this moment of serious National Emergency the co-operation of all concerned is absolutely essential in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences"

The chance didn't come for divisions and towns to obtain redress. Ahaoda division and several towns like Opobo remained in Rivers state instead of joining the ECS in line with their position at the Willinks Commission 9 years earlier. Asaba division of former Benin province and Aboh division of Warri province,both now in the MidWest state did not get such chance to decide which state they wanted to join.

Abakaliki and Afikpo divisions were cleverly separated from the rest of Ogoja province and placed in the ECS but Ahaoda division and all the towns along the Imo river leading to the coast were carefully placed in Rivers state.

Anyway,no long thing🤓😏.Nigeria brought this upon itself!


This long history is for education purposes only.Just in case we face similar situations in the coming months,years!

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