1. DUBIOUS DIBỊAS: The office of Dibịa in Ọdịnanị is very important and sometimes irreplaceable. It is like the place of a doctor in matters of health or the laboratory in scientific research. The position of dibia in Ọdịnanị is like the position of the Priest in the Catholic Church. Whatever direction the priest turns the people follow. So it is with dibia in omenani

To have a clearer view about one's path In the practice of Ọdịnanị/Omenani one need to keep in touch with a dibịa who serve as the eyes of the Gods.

Afa is like a laboratory where problems are diagnosed and solution proffered. To fail at Afa is to have a failed diagnose and instead of getting the problem solved more is created. It is only a dibịa who can perform Afa. He/she is the lab scientist.

In the wake of current massive awakening in Ọdịnanị many dubious dibịas feed fat on the ignorance of the new awaken who once lost their path and now desire to retrace.

Normally, a newly awaken soul need to go through rigorous process to reconnect back with his or her root. Such processes as reconnecting with one's personal inner energy (Chi) and reincarnate (Onye ụwa), reconnecting with or amending one's path with the natural marine world (Ọrụ/Ibu mmiri) and other elements, and mother nature, reconnecting with one's family ancestral driving force/spirit known as Agwu (Ịrụ Agwụ), restoration of lost family symbol of Power and Authority (Ọfọ), reconnecting with one's other familiar spirits, etc etc. All of these require the service of a dibịa in one way or the other. And it is in at this that dubious dibịas get to drain the pocket of the new awaken and at the end all still become waste of money, time, energy and other valuable resources.

It is pathetic to hear youths who in their effort to return to the ways of their ancestors and root narrate their ordeal on how certain dibịas have scammed them of their hard earned fortune and savings. A friend narrated to me how she spent nearly two million naira not knowing the Dibịa was only deceiving her because at the end all the works done proved to be exercise in futility. Another young man have his business crumbling after spending eight hundred thousand ➕ in the hands of a dibịa all to no avail.

Some have complained how they have done the ibu mmiri ritual several times and each time they consult Afa it still show none have gone through. This is sad story. One bad thing about falling into the hands of these fake/dubious dibịas is that they end up creating more problems for their victims. For this singular reason I don't refer people anymore, especially new awaken, to any dibịa because it appears that out of 100 dibịas only 1 or 2 is genuine and knows their work and there is no immediate sign to detect this.

Gone are days when you meet a dibịa on a particular issue and after listening carefully to you would refer you to another dibịa he is sure can handle your case perfectly well because your problem is not his area of specialization. Some dibịas are gifted with water works, some are good at settling Agwụ related issues, others are good at the use of roots and herbs to perform healing, etc. And when a dibia handle a case within his or her area of specialization the result is superb. But, sad enough, today every dibịa does every thing, every Dibịa is now a jack of all trade and master of none. Instead of referring you to another who can handle your case perfectly he or she will chose to retain and do the work for you anyhow because he or she doesn't want the money you come with to slip from him or her to another. Money mindedness blinds our present dibịas and make them compromise their duties. Greed is a cankerworm.

These bad experiences sometimes drive people back into the Whiteman religion. Not necessarily because their needs are met there in church but because the devil they know appear to them better than the angel they don't know. A new awaken need proper direction and guide, not misleading.

Are you a dubious dibịa?
Are you in the business of duping and scamming our people in the name of omenani?
Let this post be a judgment against you today. You shall die miserable and vulture shall devour your flesh for Aja Ani will never forgive you!

( 2 )TRADITIONAL RULERS: Another evil menacing our land and thwarting the hands of Ọdịnanị and omenani restoration is the office of so called traditional rulers. These set of people have sold the Igbo Heritage out and have dragged our spiritual and traditional values to the mud. Most of them and ofcos the most influential of them have no regard to what makes us Igbo. They are installed by the western elites as a tool for the total destruction and destabilization of our land. They seat at various thrones as traditional rulers but still pay homage to the white supremacy. They seat as our traditional rulers and also go to churches to take titles.

In our villages and communities they wear the red cap on their heads but put the cap down on entering the church in other to receive the priest's /pastor's blessing and patronage. This is the height of self disrespect.

They are the reason our culture and spirituality is treated with scorn in the world stage.
Some of them sale their ụmụnna Ọfọ that have lasted centuries before they were born to their masters (the white supremacy) bringing calamity to the land.

They collect revenue from government on behalf of their people and embezzle it. They are a shadow of the throne they seat on. They are disgrace to the Igbo land.

They call themselves Nze na Ọzọ, Eze, Igwe, etc but nothing do they know about Ọdịnanị and Omenani.
Some of them don't even know what the day is in our traditional four market days. Give them kola nut to pray with and you hear abominations like ".... In the name of Jesus christ our lord..."

Their hunger for money and power are insatiable. Youths who look up to them are doomed.

This days traditional titles are bought. It is no longer by merit or appointment by the Gods of the land but by who has money.

Shame on you dubious and evil traditional rulers occupying the thrones of my ancestors. Your end is fast approaching.


People are returning to Ọdịnanị for various reasons.

The truth is that greater percentage of youths find themselves going back to Ọdịnanị because the white man religion have failed them. Their expectation couldn't be met by the church God and ministers so they quickly apply that principle which their ancestors passed down to them in their gene: Ikenga adịghị ire awaa ya nkụ.

Expectations breed frustrations.
These youths carry over to Ọdịnanị their religious mindsets and expectations. The Gods they call upon in Ọdịnanị must make them rich within weeks or month or they do the unexpected. To them, if Ọdịnanị isn't talking money then they have no business with it. Hence powers are sought and cults formed or joined to meet their insatiable expectations for money and power.

Greater part of youths returning to Ọdịnanị want the contact of a powerful dibia in town who can get all their problems uprooted instance with just one strike.
Some want to get their crumbling business back to life, others want power to deal with their oppressors, still others want to get one or two other life related problems solved. And they want these done withing few weeks or months of their faint hearted practice of Ọdịnanị.
It is amazing as much as it is amusing how one who have not enquired about his ancestors ever since he was born should expect his ancestors to instantly send him bags of money from the spirit world just within few weeks of his offering them libations with drinks and kola nuts.

These are the kind of people who run into the hands of dubious dibịas who scam them and take away from them the little life they still have left for survival.

Ọchụ n'ike na ana n'ike.

All over the internet and social media's are littered with money and problems solution centers of which 100% of them are scam without exception for a good Dibịa or spiritualist have no sign post. Testimonies of his works and ways of life are his signposts. But unfortunately people out of greed still fall victim.

What is Ọdịnanị or omenani to you?
What is not Ọdịnanị or omenani?
Why are you here instead of there?

Until one get the answer to these questions right he or she would always get things wrong.

Ọdịnanị is spirituality and spirituality is what you are.
The problem you are called to fix is far more than money.

This is not to suggest man should fold his hands and not find solution to his problem but the priorities should be properly directed. It is not bad to seek for wealth for riches are mother nature's gift to man. But Ọdịnanị have rules and principles that must be mastered and followed strictly. Do the right thing and get the right result. Wisdom is of paramount importance in Ọdịnanị and omenani. Spirituality only favour those who understand it's principles and apply them.

You are here to correct your past mistakes, not to pile up more karma. Have you enquired of how you lived your previous life?
The bitter truth is that the harvest of the good seeds you sow now may not be ripe for you in this life time but in the next or may be for your children and children's children going by the principles of sowing and reaping, attraction and repulsion. Nature is seeking to balance up things. Remember nature doesn't understand the language of forgiveness but always balance every action with it's corresponding reaction.
You are here for correction and amendment, for clearing and planting. The harvest is coming. But when you do these with justice and fairness nature is sure to supply you with enough support and sustenance for she is a mother who cares.

The seed you sow today awaits you in the future.

Make your path straight today.

O ji ọsọ agbakwulu ọgụ marakwa na ọgụ bụ ọnwụ.


Ezimuo Chinonso

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