Bitterness Against The Development Of South Eastern Nigeria.Powered by two major tribe in Nigeria

Since ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE started operation in AKANU IBIAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ENUGU in 2012. Other regions, Northerners and South westerners were not happy over it.
ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE is the only international airline allowed to land in this airport for 8 years now due to injustice against Eastern Nigeria. As their passengers keep growing they started operating 3 times in a week Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. But due to the envy and injustice against Eastern Nigeria NAHCO & AVIATION are charging ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE more tax in ENUGU than Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. Now, the flight ticket from ENUGU to GUANGZHOU (CHINA) N350,000
Lagos to GUANGZHOU N280,000
Abuja to GUANGZHOU N280,000
Kano to Guangzhou N270,000
Kaduna to GUANGZHOU N280,000.
Same Ethiopian airline.

They are busy developing Lagos and Abuja airport but ENUGU is left like a mud house with only a single runway.

All these are plans to frustrate Igbo travelers from using ENUGU ROUTE.



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