INEC forgot that they conducted this election with the card readers, AND the ballot papers. Fish smell everywhere

 What INEC might not know is that PDP had people within them that monitored their activities.

They failed to obey their own guideline of no card reader accreditation, no votes. Or better still, their guideline that says they shall cancel votes from polling units that card readers were not used. If proven that certain votes were counted valid without the card reader records, they need to explain when they relaxed their own guidelines.

Why INEC strictly applied that measure in the south, they allowed it's free fall in the north where Buhari's APC could rig with easy without the use of the card reader.

It's on INEC to defend their failure to apply in equal measure their own guidelines across the country.

If at any time forensic experts are allowed to scan through the ballots papers, then Buhari should forget the fake victory. This is so because, it will be exposed how few people thump printed 1000s of ballot papers for APC especially up North.

In any case, the margine between Atiku and Buhari are mainly votes that did not go through the card reader, and those awarded arbitrarily to Buhari by the dubious INEC staffs.

Don't forget, PDP has each polling unit's result as announced by INEC staffs on video.

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