WHY NDIGBO SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT PRESIDENT BUHARI (Short Short Story) The Tortoise have never being a youth

1. AS we prepare for the general elections in few weeks time , i want to take my igbo brothers back to  little piece of history. As we prepare to go to the polls i would like to reflect on an event that happened in

2. IN 1983 the Secretary general of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) DR Edem Kodjo of Togo stepped down prematurely and he was replaced by an alumni of UNN An Igbo man called DR PETER ONU as acting Secretary general.

3. Dr peter Onu  was a Nigerian diplomat and philanthropist. He served as an ambassador to Germany.
 He was a very brilliant man who was well respected and became friends to the legendary Dr Julius Mwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania

4. In 1985 it was time for an official secretary general of the OAU and most African leaders who were  very confident in Dr Peter Onu leadership wanted to vote him to become the secretary General Of OAU.

What happened Next was very shocking to most African leaders

6. What  happened was captured in Ibrahim Daggash book called OAU: Fictions and fact.

The book reads

@ I remember in 1985 at African Hall we were campaigning for Dr Peter Onu of Nigeria to be Made the OAU Secretary  general.

We learnt that the Head of State of Nigeria General M. Buhari was supporting
another candidate IDI OMARO from Niger republic

7. We were shocked so we  mobilized a team to meet with him,
The team was lead by the very popular Julius Nyerere from Tanzania and other African leaders.

8. When we approached him Julius Nyerere begged him:

“Please give us Peter Onu from your country!’

Gen Buhari refused and even got very annoyed with us . What was surprising was that , when the result emerged and the winner was Niger’s Candidate IDI OMARO a Muslim .

General Buhari rejoiced to such a degree that he was unable to control his emotions. That was a moment I witnessed and was convinced that General Buhari would not last long as a leader.” –

9. With that single act General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria became the only president in History to vote against his own country.

He couldn't bear the thought of an Igbo man heading the OAU so he voted for Niger republic instead

10. Never in the History of Nigeria have we ever had a President that showed Openly his disdain for Ndigbo and
what they stand for. If any Igbo man tells you 4+4. Show them this article

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