The Pathetic South,the caliphate set the ball rolling in 1999.To make that Book of Lucifer gain some acceptability,Mr. Tinubu failed woefully

The Pathetic South

So the caliphate set the ball rolling in 1999 by presenting the Decree 24 as the 1999 Constitution. To make that Book of Lucifer gain some acceptability, the Military-Caliphate cabal settled on someone they were certain wouldn't rock the boat with some ideology. They settled on Mr. Obasanjo as president.

With the choice of Mr. Obasanjo, several birds were killed in one fell swoop:

1. The 1993 annulment of the electoral mandate of Mr. Abiola was doused with a certain Mr. Obasanjo as replacement...
2. The Yoruba were seemingly appeased for the absurdity of the 1993 annulment...
3. Mr. Obasanjo was a loyal cabalist of the Military-Caliphate cabal and did not rock the caliphate boat...
4. The 1999 Constitution would be eased into the polity with less difficulties.

With Mr. Obasanjo, the South was less belligerent. The Military-Caliphate cabal did succeed to a large extent; Obasanjo held steady as mandated...

The Yoruba are a smart lot; the intellectuals among them took a very hard look at the 1999 Constitution, and totally rejected it. Afenifere, alongside numerous Yoruba groups, absolutely rejected the Constitution. Truth be told, the Yoruba were the first ethnic nationality to reject the 1999 Constitution as an evil document!

With the Yoruba's rejection of the Book of Lucifer, the call for a Sovereign National Conference commenced. The Igbo and other ethnic nationalities in the South quickly studied the 1999 Constitution too and were alarmed. They quickly joined the Yoruba, and in no time, the calls for a Sovereign National Conference became the mantra!

Mr. Obasanjo didn't find this funny; at every turn, he undermined the calls for constitutional changes. He was militaralistic and ruled with iron hand. Reformers hated but feared him...and were glad to see him go.

Along came Messrs. Yaradua and Jonathan, the calls for absolute constitutional reforms became louder. Mr. Yaradua died and Mr. Jonathan had to do something. He convoked a National Conference albeit not sovereign. The wishes of Southern Nigeria were about to be realised! Or so we thought...

The APC was birthed and the Yoruba were promised the vice presidency. Mr. Tinubu had all but seized control of the political machinery of the Yoruba by then. With the presidential lucre in mind, he betrayed the aspirations of the Early Constitutional Reformers of Yoruba Origins!

He undermined the call for constitutional reforms; installed his figurehead and provided the vice...In that singular move, he destroyed the cries for constitutional reforms among the Yoruba.

The Igbo, Izon, Efik and others carried on. They were labelled Wailers, 5%, and other demeaning appellations. These people were relentless. It got so hot that IPOB, ADF, MEND, Nigeria Delta Avengers and others sprouted. By the time the government could come up for air, secession was the fad! The people of the East and the Atlantic were determined to break out of Nigeria!

People died....

The Nigerian government felt so threatened that the East and South of East were militarilized to the hilt. DSS everywhere; and the people remained resolute. Biafra, Nigeria Delta Republic, and others. Either they would have the Constitution changed, the country restructured or absolute meltdown!

How do we contain these people? Asks the Military-Caliphate cabal?

So they provided them with a seeming less obnoxious candidate, and from among the secessionists, they chose a vice presidential candidate! Brilliant!

Just as it happened in 2014/2015, when the Yoruba agitation for constitutional reforms was destroyed with the choice of Mr. Osibajo as vice president, in 2019, the choice of Mr. Peter Obi brought the agitation of the Igbo and Niger Delta cousins to a screeching halt!

Over a 4-year period, the Military-Caliphate cabal has almost completely destroyed the agitation for constitutional reforms most desired by the South, by employing the hypocrisy of Southern Nigerians, to destroy the most desired reforms of Southern Nigerians.

A carrot thrown here, an apple thrown there, and Southern Nigerians scramble around like hungry refugees from Somalia; hailing the oppressor and praising him for being the best thing to have happened to the earth after Hot Moi-Moi!

And the Battle for Restructuring suffered major setbacks....

Just for a few Shekels of Silver...smh

Just look at us...look at us in Southern Nigeria? Just see how pathetic we are; a people so educated yet without ideology. A people so easily swayed from the Path of Vision. A people that would employ all sorts of excuses and intellectual gymnastics to avoid confessing that they are often outsmarted by seeming non intellectuals. Just look at us? We have abandoned a noble fight started almost a century ago for a few crumbs at the table of the oppressor! With no clear vision of the future...yet we go into alliances we hardly understand...what a mess!

We are a pathetic lot...a people without vision...a region with very poor definition of national and regional aspirations! We are a disgrace to ourselves!

Shame on us all! Shame!!


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