THE BOYCOTT WAS A BARGAINING POWER;! The political gladiators in Nigeria understands the implications of IPOB boycotting the elections.

Anybody who is still bashing and accusing the leader of the Indigenous of People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, of compromising the struggle is somewhat short sighted and economical with the truth. Though, this piece is not in any way designed to flog up any kind of self pity or defend what should not be defended. I am only taking the mental pain to spot a fact which many hurriedly lost sight of because of not being politically calculative.
For the past 13 hours, the global village has gone agog after the charismatic leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra made an official statement calling off the election boycott in the whole of Biafra land. It came as a shock to many, even till this very moment, some people are yet to fully embrace the present reality. Of a fact, it wasn't a surprise to me. I have always believed that a time like this will come. If the intellectual tink-tanks in IPOB never maintained a recalcitrant ground over our demands, we would have lost much of our bargaining power. Their unwavering disposition got us the bargaining prowess which has yielded the needed result.

The boycott was a strong bargaining power! The political gladiators in Nigeria understands the implications of IPOB boycotting the elections. Moreover, America, Britain and other power brokers with huge interest in Nigeria have always wanted a paradigm shift considering the criminal and lopsided structure of Nigeria as presently constituted. The boycott was a veritable and explosive weapon we have to drive home our demands and if after this intensive battle, our terms and conditions have been finally met, is there any need to be happy? The answer is yes. We have fought a good battle. We fought well and also got the expected result.
There is no any other way we could have achieved this good result. The use of arms that could have taken innocent lives, wouldn't have given it to us. Presidential slot or ministerial appointment wouldn't have also given it to us. But our collective zeal to boycott the failed and hopeless system, won us the crown. Congratulations Biafrans! We fought like lions and lionesses. Many mischief makers seems not to understand the A,B of our strategies. There is no way the election boycott could have been called off without concrete offers to assuage our strong demands.

Before these desperate individuals in some certain quarters whom trade in stock is to give dog a bad name in order to kill it will go berserk and start wailing more than the bereaved, IPOB called off the election boycott because there was no need to continue with it when our demands have already been met. So, all these back yard and bogus blabbing over the present reality should be kicked out of the picture. IPOB tink-tanks made the right decision and I am standing shoulder to shoulder with them. This is not the issue of command and control at work but allowing common sense to prevail. It will amount to glaring blindness and sheepishness if any individual or group should see the decision of IPOB as compromise. Such insinuation is nothing but a pure misrepresentation of facts.
In fact, I want to salute the resilience of Biafrans all over the globe. I am proud of you all. And I also want to salute our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, his deputy, Uche Mefor, the Directorate of State, the entire crew of Family Writers Press International and other Biafra media outlets who fought to rewrite and open this new page in our onerous struggle. May Okike bless all of us. We are humans with blood and therefore not perfect.

For all those Biafrans and special volunteers who paid this ultimate price with their blood, all of you shall be immortalize forever. Their sacrifices forever shall remain indelible in our hearts. We shall always mourn, cry and pray for them. And we shall crown their pain and blood with Biafra restoration. There is no alternative to that.
I urge Biafrans to remain strong and continue to stand tall with our leader and the Directorate of State. We have gotten to the point of no return. Though, the journey may seems very wary and dreary but in it, Biafra will be restored for onward emancipation of the whole Africa.
The journey for Biafra restoration continues!
God bless Biafra!

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst at Family Writers Press

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