In case you did not know... As things stand, the Electoral Process is already in crisis,The elections taking place on the 23rd is very uncertain.

. There are moves and counter moves to scuttle the process if it did not go the way of the ruling party. As things stand, there is absolutely nothing stopping the president from declaring himself as the winner. All that had been happening in the past week reveal that we are in a serious crisis that could prove the end of Nigeria as we know it.

It's unfortunate that numerous Southern Nigerians are so naive; well, we want to hope with them that the whole thing could self-correct and the ruling party would see reasons. It doesn't appear so at the moment. The elections taking place on the 23rd is very uncertain.

Dear Friends, we are closer to February 1966 than we are to February 2019. We have been mostly lulled into being lukewarm as we all ignored the little issue of correcting the fundamentals before going into the main elections. As things are, should the elections take place, and the ruling party declared themselves winners, they would ask you to proceed to court. Incidentally, they've already taken over the courts. Remember the Chief Justice of the Federation immorally removed? Going to court wouldn't do any good; the APC has proactively won in court already. It's just the little matter of declaring themselves as winners in the main elections. SMH...

Be you assured that there's nothing in the 1999 Constitution to self-correct the looming crisis; that Constitution is beyond useless as we all see.

Now, in the event of a total constitutional meltdown, what shall be the fate of the constituents? What would be the leadership of the various peoples to navigate folks out of the crisis?

The Yoruba, Igbo, Izon, Edo, Efik, Ogoni, Idoma, Tiv, Berom, and so many more have no leadership structure of whatsoever to lead their people in the event of a meltdown! No ethnic nationality has any representative leadership structure, or governance structure whatsoever to guide its people if they shit should hit the fan. Or we would stick our heads in the sand as usual and wait for some caliphate soldiers to be declared rulers over us while we wait for another transition? SMH...

In 1991, Somalia was going to the dogs, two ethnic nationalities had foresight and provided leadership for their people. Somaliland and Puntland declared they would not part of the internal terror and shielded their people from the meltdown of Somalia. Almost 30 years later, Somalia is still at war with over a million killed. Somaliland and Puntland are relatively peaceful and prosperous.

What was the difference? The two enclaves of Somalia (Somaliland and Puntland) saw the madness of Siad Barre and the other warlords in the main Somalia, and provided an internal governance structure to lead their provinces. The rest of the tribes in Somalia went for the power tussle in Mogadishu; they're still fighting till date.

Somaliland and Puntland being smart, are effectively sovereign and insulated from the madness of Somalia!

If the shit hits the fan today, does your ethnic nationality have the failsafe measures to protect you from the gory of violence so visible on the horizon? Rather than folks to view their future, they run after politicians. A typical case of chasing rats while they homestead burns!

My dear friends, what's on the horizon is frightening. Please, I beg you in the name of whatever you serve, absolutely #thinkAgain!!!

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