If Buhari and APC are so confident about their candidate, why are they burning votes, killing and intimidating people?

Why can't you leave people to vote their choice of candidate peacefully?

You sell your lives and those of your kids away for a few thousand naira. Are you people not tired of living in a shithole? How can a Nigerian who has lived in Nigeria for the past four years donate himself as a thug to further destroy the country?

It hurts to see all these play out. Nigerians are the architects of the problems of Nigeria.

What if these politicians don't find thugs to do these riggings and burning of votes for them? There would be little or no rigging because they can't do it themselves.

Who are these thugs? YOUNG NIGERIANS. You sell out your future and soul and those of your children for paltry amounts.

Last week, I called my parents and told them that if it is not safe to vote, they should sit and home. It was safe, and they voted.

So, I DO NOT blame people who had PVCs but decided to sit it out. Self-preservation is a very natural human instinct. There's no wisdom in donating yourself as a sacrifice for other people's greed for power and wealth. If you die, you would be forgotten in a jiffy. They will still carry on rigging if they want to. Your death won't make any difference.

#Think before you act

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